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My Reading List: August 18 - 22

1) My legs are going through marriage counseling right now. Once I read Competitor’s article “Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running,” I decided it was time to face the hard truth that my legs are going through a rough patch and need time to focus on themselves. 933 more words


hale manna, moalboal

the day was slowly winding down. jeff ticked off “go to badian” from his list. next up was ticking “introduce jeff in person to my whole family for the first time” off mine. 345 more words


A Rare Wine of the Sea: Arenae Colares Malvasia

Like everything born of Sintra, the Arenae Colares Malvasia is of and from the sea.

I had the good fortune to spend several weeks last summer exploring Lisbon and its surrounding environs, including an unforgettable day in Sintra, guided by two friends of mine who grew up there. 699 more words


like sunbeams straight to my heart. the kind of morning where you wake up to this:

p.s. big thank you to jeff for making the video. i really, really, really appreciate it, baby. the aerial shots look amazing. but not as amazing as aeva’s smiles, to be honest. =)


Review - Anaxander: Travelogues (BOE Recordings)

There are a few producers who – for reasons I’m sure the Peanut Gallery can expand upon from the sanctity of their skinny jeans and dainty beards – seem to be if not exactly ignored then denied the larger audience they really should be due. 574 more words



High in the Andes of Ecuador is Volcan Cotopaxi. Sitting at over 19,000 feet, its impressive stature looms over Quito and much of the surrounding area. 61 more words

Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum & its 'Pet' Exhibit, Puppy

Journey to Bilbao, Spain, and the city’s celebrated Guggenheim Museum, and you’ll no doubt find yourself charmed by the modern-art museum’s ‘pet’ exhibit, Puppy. The 12 meter-tall canine (about 40 feet), modeled after a West Highland White Terrier pup, is comprised of thousands of flowers. 664 more words