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Week 30 - My Fair (Change that to Stupendous) Lady, My Sub-Mediocre Twins

This weekend Wilma and I traveled down to the Cities to join our daughter and her hubby at a Twins game, then a night in the downtown Radisson, and then taking a shot at getting rush tickets for My Fair Lady.   895 more words

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badian: part 2 (the waterfalls)

the 10-15 minute trek to the waterfalls isn’t really all that bad. along the way, you’d see some really nice scenery and hear the sound of the river flowing at the same time. 113 more words


5 Travelogues That Will Inspire You To Travel


A popular subset of the travel writing genre, travelogues can be the best way to experience the oddities and curiosities of the world without necessarily being there in person. 561 more words


Annapurna base camp - Part I

Day 1 : May 30th : Bangalore  —> New Delhi  —> Kathmandu

It had been over a year since I had been on a flight. That I missed the sight of whizzing above the ever puffy cotton candy clouds was no secret, and I realised how I had stopped marveling at little things. 519 more words



i have been longing to get to writing about my euro trip for so long and it feels awesome to finally make up sometime for it :D , first of all… they say it true Europe is breathtaking , beautiful , untouched and just like your back in time. 814 more words


Basking in Bilbao’s Renaissance: A Walking Tour of the Basque City

As we passed Bilbao’s state-of-the art structures, juxtaposed with timeless buildings flashing Old World flair, I had a hard time imagining what the Basque Country’s largest city was like before the Guggenheim Museum sparked its economic renaissance in the late 1990s. 1,684 more words