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The Girl Next Door is Missing: Bring Hannah Home!

The girl next door is beautiful, smart, talented and MISSING!

By girl next door, I’m not speaking figuratively but literally. Hannah Graham lived one house down from us until she graduated from High School in 2013 and went to the University of Virginia. 188 more words



Namhansanseong is a mountain village just southeast of Seoul.  Easy to get to via train and bus, it is the perfect day trip adventure.  The trail up the mountain starts here. 137 more words



India is a beautiful country and we discovered more of that during our travels to Ambikapur, Raipur, Jagdalpur and Chitrakoot Falls.

Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh is known as an industrial hub. 175 more words

The Adventures Of Being A House Wife

Fly away

How often do you travel?

I rarely do. For the first 21 or 22 years of my life, I was mostly stuck in Manila, scouring malls and other people’s houses. 173 more words


Unedited shots

It seems so natural to transfer our images to Lightroom or Photoshop(for those of you who have it) and modify them before posting. But how often do we get it right straight out of the camera? 192 more words


Medellin 2014 + All Sorts of Thoughts

A few weeks after our Palawan trip, Matthew and I got invited to join a barkada caravan to Medellin, Cebu. This was with a group of some 10 people I do not know on a personal level. 1,245 more words