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On Reading Joan Didion in Paris

On a Spring day that felt like Winter, I climbed the stairs to the second floor of Shakespeare and Company, the legendary Left Bank bookstore. It was the kind of day we call “smoggy” in Los Angeles, if only because smoggy days come more frequently than overcast ones. 847 more words

Three Women in Arizona

We see three women in Arizona

On a rocky pull-out above the stinking, rushing truckstop.

Clunked out van, sliding door open, circulating dry heat.

Cardboard sign markered “Need gas.” 57 more words


New Orleans, LA.

Salam and hello everyone,

It has been pretty chilly here down in IN. I wish I was in New Orleans!

So since hubs got 9 days of leave, we went for a road trip first to visit is family in Missouri, spent an afternoon in Memphis and a night in Jackson. 501 more words

Exciting and Necessary...

I can’t wait to share more about my travels with you all but I have something very exciting and necessary to share… 70 more words


Budapest Day 3

Busy busy week. I just had class from 9am to 8.30pm, with a one and half hour break in between. I can’t believe I managed to survive today. 138 more words


Istanbul, Turkey

One month ago, I returned to Moldova from Istanbul, Turkey, so clearly this post is more than overdue. I have wanted to go to Istanbul for a long time, and since it is so cheap to fly there from Moldova (and therefore a popular destination for Peace Corps Volunteers from Moldova) I knew it was on my must visit list while here. 874 more words


South Beach and Bullards Bay, Oregon!

‘Bout time we got started on these posts! Here we’ve been on the road for less than two weeks but already feel like we’re a month behind on our posts..sorry about that. 284 more words