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Tasmania Adventures #2

Day 2, we headed out to past Lilydale to the Bridestowe Lavendar Estate. Mostly I just wanted to go check out the shop, as obviously in winter time the lavender wasn’t actually in bloom. 102 more words


Greenwich, England : The Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory is where the Prime Meridian is.

The Camera Obscura: This camera obscura is housed where the astronomer Royal John Flamsteed had a camera obscura to observe the sun.   175 more words


¡Viva España! El Segundo Día: La Escritura en la Pared

Although I had gotten (a bit) lost trying to get to Calle Mira el Sol, by the time Tuesday rolled around, I might as well have been a local – you know, aside from the whole “Spanish” thing. 345 more words


The Ruins of Beng Melea

On our third day at Siem Reap, our guide Thim took us to the ruins of Beng Melea.

The ruins of Beng Melea are assumed to have been built around the same time as the Angkor Wat. 467 more words


Calayan: A Paradise at the Edge of the Philippines

Last April, my family and I went to my father’s hometown, Calayan. I love bragging about my father’s hometown because it is one of the places Filipinos rarely go to. 1,009 more words

Fun And Interesting

Arya Cafe at Robinson's Magnolia

My craving for Persian food was satisfied with my visit at Arya with my mom. We started with The Arya Dip Platter consisting of Hummus, Motabal, and Mirza Ghasemi.  219 more words

Musings About LIFE

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