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The Police Forced Me To Exit My Uber Ride

Late Tuesday night my fiancée and I were making our way home from band practice on a long trek from Queens to our apartment in New Jersey. 630 more words


SUICIDE THEATRE, aka THE LITTLE THEATRE – When you spend your life happily wallowing in oddities like I do, you often get the mistaken impression that everybody must be as aware of the out of the way nuggets of joyous weirdness as you are. 608 more words

Balladeer's Blog

such a look

this female hummingbird could give Travis Bickle a run for his money.


ratpag Gets Organiz-ized

ratpag went and bought some Adderall off a few high schoolers last night and boom!  Complete site reorganization.

Of course, we’re being a bit facetious as not  322 more words

Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

I was finishing up my cheese omelet when I saw a distinguished figure part a cluster of waiters like Moses the Red Sea and make his way toward the back of the restuarant where I was sitting. 250 more words

Single Mom