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We're Still In This!

I asked them to take at least 3 of 4 from the Rockies.  They did that.  I hoped they could take the series from the Brewers, thinking this was a long shot as the Brewers were in first place in their division at the time.  693 more words

The Twilight Zone

The other day when the GIANTS scored 13 runs, I talked  about hidden cameras and huge cosmic jokes. Now I’m wondering if maybe we’ve entered another dimension–otherwise known as  401 more words

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OUCH!! That's Gonna Leave a Mark

I’m not gonna lie to you–that one hurt. It was difficult to watch. I can’t begin to count the number of text messages, PM’s, and various other forms of communication– 583 more words

Hunter Pence


I was so excited this morning.  The Giants were leading 5 to 0, and I was looking forward to blogging about how they had finally won a series against a good team and they’d have a happy flight back home to us.  1,170 more words

Panik Attacks!!

I’ve got one for you–what do the August 23, 2014 Washington Nationals baseball team and Windex® have in common? Give up? No Streaks!! HaHa! No? 652 more words

Games And Series Recaps