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Frozen, Just a Disney Film or Broadway wannabe musical......


Other Disney animation’s have been put on ice after Frozen was announced to be the highest grossing box office hit since wonders such as Toy Story and Lion King and now is regarded the most successful Disney film of all time. 221 more words


¡¡Grease!! ¿Qué mejor manera de pasar una tarde divertida ? Pues viendo este increible musical. Puede parecer un poco antiguo, que  lo es, pero todos sabemos sus canciones y nos lo pasamos en grande viendolo.Es verdad que las cualidades vocales de algunos de los actores deja mucho que desear pero aun así, que mas da. 164 more words


Australia Day # 8

My last day in Australia. I’d fly out tomorrow evening and I had to check out of my hotel quite early (10am). So that pretty much left today to make the best out of my trip. 852 more words


Chili Ham Fried Rice

Day 70

Fried rice has been staple in our house. This classic dish is a catch-all in that the recipe accommodates numerous permutations of leftover meat and vegetables, mingled with rice, soy (or fish) sauce, and egg. 340 more words



We’ve gotten a ton of emails, and interest, after the release of our most recent “Next Day Video” about Oscar Night. The majority of the emails asked the simple question : How did you turn that video around so quickly? 604 more words


Dumb Things

I was watching Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta. Haven’t seen it before, my wife put it on. Liking it so far :)
Anyway, part of the soundtrack reminded me of… 11 more words

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