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"Afraid Of The Dark" Examines Black Male Endangerment [TRAILER]

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Mya B. is honoring Travyon Martin, Jodran Davis, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant the young black males that have lost their lives “unjustly” in the documentary “ 49 more words

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Black Lives don't matter - we need to talk

Michael Brown, Travyon Martin, Eric Garner, Boko Haram, 400 years of slavery and another dead every 48 hours – have we lost the civil rights movement? 50 more words


Walking the Line Between Activism and Journalism

The grand jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was announced November 24th. After the announcement, protests began again in cities across the country–particularly outside of my dorm in Union Square, New York City. 1,110 more words

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The quest for justice reform should include the kids failed by the juvenile court system

As horrific as it is that so many lives have been lost to seemingly biased police practices and rushes to judgment, there are many more who are blessed to be alive but who are nonetheless in harm’s way that warrant our attention. 524 more words

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By asha bandele (United States)

In May of 1857, having just heard of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case (for those of us thinking of Travyon Martin today, ironically it was filed as Dred Scott v Sandford), which in effect validated the existence of slavery and seemed to ensure its continuance, the great abolitionist, orator and ex-slave, Frederick Douglass, said: 359 more words

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5 Important Lessons to be Leaned From the Michael Brown and Travyon Martin Cases…

1. The initial story you hear is probably a lie.

2. The Left has zero interest in discussing why black Americans are really more likely to be shot by police officers.

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