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What the SA elections teach us

Earlier this year there was a general election in South Africa which should be a dose of reality for those anti-PAP cyber-warriors who say that in the next GE, the PAP will be out, without them having to do anything except rant at the PAP. 391 more words

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Tonight I was laying on the floor doing my TRE practice (more on that another time), and through the tremors, a small sob floated to the surface. 414 more words


Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Level II Certification Training in Orange County Dec. 5 - 7

The inner development of compassion, caring and sensitivity to the pain of humanity emerges as a result of recovering from one’s own painful experiences of life.

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DART Adding Rail Service For State Fair

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas Area Rapid Transit has announced additional rail service in preparation for the State Fair of Texas, which opens on September 26. 212 more words


There’s a lot happening in Living Ubuntu! Join us tonight.

Hi everyone,

There’s a lot happening in Living Ubuntu!

Here’s what we’re currently working on:

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Ăn đúng cách giúp trẻ khỏe mạnh hơn

Dinh dưỡng góp phần cải thiện sự phát triển về thể chất và trí não cho trẻ, đồng thời giúp tăng cường sức đề kháng cho cơ thể. 1,007 more words

Khỏe Mạnh

Mobiloperatören 3 byter julafton mot Ramadanfest!


När man trodde att det inte kunde bli mer tokigt i Sverige så dyker denna nyhet upp. Ja, vad ska man säga? Eller göra? Jag uppmanar alla Sverigevänner och nationella, som har 3 som operatör, att maila 3 och påtala att du säger upp abonnemanget om detta inte ändras! 9 more words