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Obama's Treasonous Acts



Sarah Marie Chermak              Plaintiff

v. Case #__________________________
Barrack Hussein Obama

aka Barry Soetoro

acting in the Office of the President of the United States    Defendant… 6,520 more words

Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama ... Islamic enemy of America

I saw a piece the other day about how a former CIA employee points out the fact that Barack Hussein is a “radical Islamic enemy of America.” Now, I don’t buy the “radical” part at all. 1,074 more words

Barack Hussein Obama

He's not really confused ... ISLAM - ISIS

He being the jihadist-in-chief. But there are those who don’t have as harsh (might I say clear) a view of Hussein Obama as I. And there are those who certainly do: … 32 more words


America has no president - Bill Whittle

That part is correct. I love ya Bill Whittle, but narcissistic little man does not cut it any more as we watch the slash and burn of this country at the hands of Hussein Obama. America has a jihadist-in-chief.

We The People

ISLAMIST TRAITOR? Some Official Voices Say Obama Is One!

Written by Allan Erickson, Clash Daily
It seems suddenly, official voices, in greater numbers and with increasing volume, are forcefully accusing Barack Obama of being a traitor, saying he actively engaged in helping radical Islam. 576 more words

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CICERO: a nation cannot survive treason (3:13)

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I say the traitor is the corporations running the US government.

(And the secret darkforces behind the scenes of course) 197 more words


"Hussein Obama to stop ISIS at America's southern border!"

A note from our attorneys: The above is not a real quote.

How’s that three day weekend workin out for ya “folks?” Are you worked into a proper lather?  337 more words

We The People