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July 29, 2014 - That Phony Rick Perry…

So Texas Governor Rich Perry was finally prodded into some kind of silly, useless action in reaction to all of the bad press that is building around the invasion of the United States through his state.  546 more words


VIDEO: Hussein Obama destroying a Purple Heart with a blowtorch!

The rich, bored, pubescently soft, white-trash first.

Forget that he has the “right” (for now anyway) to do what he pleases with his possessions because he is fortunate enough to be born American – I assume. 749 more words

We The People

Poetopoet commented on The ONLY way to save us from tyranny

Poetopoet asks a question in replying to my earlier post.  A question we must examine – closely:  Have “We the People” thrown it all away? 276 more words

We The People

Coyote Fundraiser in Chief

So just how many fundraisers has Hussein Obama attended in his presidency? How many golf games? Per the Washington Post as of 7/21/14 – 394 and 181… 469 more words

We The People