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The Beale Ciphers & Their Possible Construction And True Source

Ok, let’s take a closer, different look at ciphers #1 & 3#, and let’s also apply what we know today as it may relate to these mysterious ciphers. 2,047 more words

Treasure Hunting

Travel Song

I’m a nervous flyer, a nervous highway passenger, and don’t get me started on busses (and especially hayrides), and yet, I love to travel. So I travel anyway. 151 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

Quick Coil Flip Cure

If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’ve been battling the coil flip issue that is just all part of the Sand Shark coil design. 315 more words

Treasure Hunting

First Shark Attack

First Shark Attack

Ok, today was my first hunt with the new 10.5 Tesoro Sand Shark. For those of you who have been following this blog you already know why I purchased this machine and my intentions for using it. 1,190 more words

Treasure Hunting

Dibs on the Doubloons

My father-in-law brought a metal detector to the beach.

I can see him out there, stepping carefully along the shore. The instrument is poised in front of him, and he sweeps it in a conscientious arc just above the sand. 909 more words


Sand Shark At My Door

You just have to love the delivery guy, he looks nothing like Santa Clause but he sure can deliver the gifts. Just a little while ago he showed up at my door with my highly anticipated new toy, a Tesoro Sand Shark with a 10.5″ coil and matching coil cover. 1,144 more words

Treasure Hunting

Why Good Targets May Still Be There?

This is going to be an interesting article for anyone who has ever experienced poor hunting one day and then good hunting the next, on the same section of beach where no new deposits have been made, no less. 895 more words

Treasure Hunting