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A Real Treasure Hunt Is Coming!

Dead men tell no tales, and yet this one does. Nobody knows his real name or exactly where he hailed from, all that is known of him is what is written in his secret books, this being a collection of short stories, the clues contained in each leading some lucky detective to a real treasure. 46 more words

Treasure Hunting

Master lettering

Found this superb lettering on the front of a tattoo shop in West Seattle. It’s great to see this level of talent applied to store-front signage. 8 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition-- TREASURE HUNTS!

I found these treasure hunts to be particularly interesting. Posting because I couldn’t find the solutions anywhere else :D

Map of Enavuris

This one is north of the Dalish camp in the Exalted Plains. 230 more words

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Buried Photos - Artscape 2013

Last night I was sitting around taking a breather from doing all of the homework I have due when I started rummaging through old folders on my laptop of photo assignments past. 194 more words

Kaitlin's Personal Work

Rebel Treasure twentieth post

Riley fuels the SUV while in the B.G., Morgan places a call on a payphone. Ben paces back and forth in the foreground, cell phone in hand. 472 more words


10 Astonishing Shipwreck Treasures

According to UNESCO, there are as many as three million shipwrecks scattered across the world’s seabed. Under international maritime and salvage law, military wrecks normally remain under the jurisdiction of their governments, while almost anything goes in international waters. 1,350 more words


the 10 worst stock photos of 2014

Compiled by myself and my co-worker Deric, these represent the bottom of the barrel, the absolute worst in stock photography. Enjoy!

10. studly guy, actually pretty intimidating if you stare at him too long… 84 more words