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Hoarded and collected for ages and guarded with the dedication that would easily exceed a lifetime, its one phase, we never grow out of.Not facing reality and building a world of our own is something we all do.Material wealth we attain is how we gauge our success, but they are nothing apart from ..empty treasures..


Treasure hunting.

Hello. Long time no post, well at least on my Just Saying site anyway.

I’ve posted quickly on my photo site, A thousand words, but quick gets quick and although many click the “like” button a very small few take the time to actually look at the complete post choosing the “like” star on something that catches their eye and not going any further. 336 more words


What's your view of Jesus?

So, yesterday I was just honestly tired of watching television so I decided to turn it off and listen to some Christian stuff. Having a mini quiet time if that’s what you want to call it.  307 more words

Free Legal E-books

Oh, no, I’m not crazy and those are not old classics. It’s amazon.com and it’s amazing 100% discounts. Yes, you get the book free! Now, I figured this out just recently myself, so if it’s news for you too, that new books can be given away free – you’re not alone. 470 more words


Beading Art

Amador Valley Quilters invited beading artist Thom Atkins to speak and teach. I signed up for the workshop without asking what we would do. Best plan ever. 194 more words

Lani Longshore

And through this life...

And through this life
The colours woven
Surpass the grief
Of threads I’ve broken
To fail not once
But many times
Or stepped beyond
Undrawn fine lines… 142 more words