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I Can't

First off, three things: One: I need to stop pretending like I’m going to post entries with any kind of frequency or consistency, because it’s apparently just not my style. 1,064 more words


Long Lingering Meal Prep

Today I wrapped up errands, job hunting, interview prep and cleaning to crack a Yuengling at 5 o’clock on the dot and start making a deeelishush dinner. 127 more words


Why You Should Be More Selfish

Happy Tuesday!

This post is dedicated to a piece of advice that might seem a bit strange: YOU SHOULD BE MORE SELFISH. That’s right. Think about yourself. 410 more words

5 Ideas for a Fun Friday

You’ve been waiting all week for this and now Friday is here! You’re probably sitting at work right now, trying to figure our how you can get your weekend off to a great start. 290 more words


25 Ways You Know You Are Dating a Student Affairs Professional*

*This includes graduate students as well. Don’t get it twisted – your assistantship is 20 hours a week and you’re doing student affairs work with real, live students; hence you are a professional in my opinion. 833 more words

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This list is the most honest mash-up of things that are real in my life. It's funny how my professional experiences merges more and more into my personal life. Enjoy! K. Jones ♥

P3: Road Trip - Second Full Day in San Francisco

I started our second full day in SF with a little pampering (as they would say on Parks and Rec, treat yo’ self!) in the form of a mani-pedi at the spa attached to Trav’s building, in an attempt to look marginally less haggard for the next few weeks. 146 more words

CardMaker + Clearsnap

Hello and welcome to the CardMaker and Clearsnap blog hop! These 2 awesome teams have joined up today to showcase IZINK Pigment Ink Paints – a French product that is being distributed in the states through Clearsnap. 340 more words