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Open When... You've Had a Hard Day

This envelope contains just a few treats and pick-me-ups for Lucas after he’s had a hard day. Like the others, this envelope includes a bible quote about having a hard day and a letter from me to him about having a bad day. 75 more words


Treat Yo Self

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Treat Yourself’ as partaking in an activity which no matter how detrimental to your health, allows you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. 291 more words


#56, Treat Yo' Self Day

Treat yo’self 2014 ~~~

In 2011, Parks and Rec showcased an idea for a day dedicated to indulging in all your desires, that day is called… 339 more words


Treat Yo Self, Spring Edition

Thanks to Parks and Rec, my new life motto is simple; ‘Treat Yo Self.’ Well, this is what happens when you do just that, spring style. 28 more words

Diary of a teenage TV addict

So it has occurred to me that I am addicted to watching TV shows.

Last year I started watching 30 Rock (the best show EVER in my opinion), and it left a hole in my life when I finished it, so I started another show, and soon enough, I had watched Parks and Rec, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Community, The Office, Arrested Development, Gossip Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, countless random old episodes of SNL, repeats of 90′s sitcoms everyone has seen 100 times, Freaks and Geeks and god knows what else. 353 more words

Treat Yo Self Thursday 4-3-14

At No Money 4 Books, we know that it’s just not possible to buy ourselves every book or bookish item that we’d like, but we should treat ourselves once in awhile! 214 more words