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“We’ve gotta start looking at what’s optimal, not maximum. . . . There’s always trade-off. Nothing’s free in this world . . . . You can’t override physics.”

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Top Ten Ways To Cure A Bad Day

Having two jobs can be really stressful, and sometimes I can’t handle the busy crazy cycle that is life and need to pull myself together. Here are a few things I do when I’m having a crappy day: 422 more words

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To Begin With: Treat Yo Self

Earworm: Mrs. Robinson

The oldies station DJ told me that Paul Simon ran into Joe DiMaggio out at a restaurant and DiMaggio called Simon over to rip him a new one. 1,129 more words


Leg of lamb with herbed Israeli couscous

Every so often a fancy dinner for no reason is just fun. If you need a reason, though, just make one up. So, to celebrate finishing… 503 more words


Treat Yo Self

Okay. My struggle lately has been the very simple and common problem we all sometimes share called procrastination.

I’ve been too comfortable, too nonchalant lately, and it all has led to being stagnant and lazy. 464 more words

The Acceptable Body (Or, a post about the myth masked as reality)

For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying to make my body more acceptable. From obsessive exercising, from obsessive eating, wearing clothes that are too big for me to cover up, to slathering myself in beauty products that promise to make a difference. 476 more words

Both my charm and bracelet came for my weight loss charm bracelet.

I posted about this a few weeks ago. I wanted both a reward that I could get myself for losing 10 lbs but also a reminder of my hard work. 253 more words

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