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Motivate with a treat

It’s that feeling again: half-way point of studying, exams not too far, have been so good with studying thus far yet now feel so unmotivated or have come to desist what my notes say and I no longer want to look at them. 602 more words


Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Not everybody’s a fan of the rain. From the well-known nursery rhyme “Rain Rain Go Away” to The Carpenters’ classic “Rainy Days and Mondays… 478 more words

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday – Netflix Edition.

Ok, not totally Netflix but still whatever you get what I mean.

Recently, the way I have been treating myself is with television.   683 more words

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Don't just "treat yoself" ... Love yoself!

It’s #TreatYourselfTuesday and in honor of that I wanted to reflect on this whole idea of “loving ourselves.”

What does it really mean to you? I feel like I definitely get off the “I love myself” track sometimes, and so often because I start to care too much about the approval of others. 20 more words


Sabine: Cheapo Thrills

Kate Spade Saturday sweatshirt from T.J. Maxx $39.99 (was $98) // Cucumber face mask from Target $1.22 (was $1.75) // Pixie nail polish $2.44 (was $8) 196 more words


Now, Not Later

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” From what I understand, this often-quoted phrase was first uttered by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. It can be applied to everything — calling back a friend, transcribing an interview, going grocery shopping, scheduling a dentist appointment, you name it — as an eloquent way of saying, “Hey, quit procrastinating. 513 more words

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I think I may still be in a mild Vegas hangover.  The last week was kind of a blur… I know I did things to treat myself but they weren’t really anything too special. 461 more words

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