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On the Origins of the Norman Conquest

Over the summer I have spent my time researching two treaties that I have had an interest in for a long time. The first is the treaty between King Æthelred II, the ‘Unready’, and three Viking leaders, supposedly concluded in 994. 610 more words

I Am Iceland

How does a sparsely populated island nation with no standing army have access to 8 million soldiers and the world’s largest military?

Two weeks ago, on September 3, President Obama delivered a speech in Tallinn, Estonia, just ahead of an extremely important NATO Summit in Cardiff, Wales.  869 more words

Issues of Colinization

Later On, there was an issue with the United States being founded.  When the thirteen colonies became the United States of America and the Treaty of Paris established the Mississippi as the western boundary of the country, the Americans vied with the English for the fur trade in the area. 153 more words


A work shift? The labour approach to trafficking for forced labour in the Greater Mekong Subregion

This week’s contribution to the blog is written by Marja Paavilainen and Anna Olsen. For thousands of migrant workers in the Greater Mekong Subregion trafficking for forced labour is an everyday risk. 1,910 more words

Worker Exploitation

Genocide in America: A Week on Pine Ridge

Dogs bark callously. There is a pair of two who are separated from the park only by a fence; my presence seems to have disturbed them deeply. 960 more words

South Dakota

Bob Rae and the Ring of Fire

Canadian illuminati front-man Bob Rae shocked the political World when he resigned from his seat as an MP and announced a new career path as a negotiator representing First Nations in the mining rights and land claims relating to the… 729 more words

Obama Seeking To Agree To International Climate Agreements Without The Treaty Mechanism?

That’s illegal. Which doesn’t surprise me about Obama in the slightest, at this point. 

Although what he’s seeking seems fairly ineffective.