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The First Thanksgiving

   By Bob Shapiro

In December 1620, a group of settlers (we know them as Pilgrims), originally bound for Virginia, arrived in Massachusetts. They found a suitable location for a settlement, which they named Plymouth. 560 more words

GDP & Employment

5 Problems with the Nuclear Talks with Iran

By:  James Phillips

The Obama administration was forced to punt once again at the talks on Iran’s nuclear program when the Iranians refused to budge on their maximal demands on uranium enrichment and sanctions relief. 762 more words

UN Gun Grab Enters New And Dangerous Phase

By:   Bob Barr

Those wild and crazy bureaucrats on the banks of the East River are at it again. The United Nations – a bureaucracy so bloated and byzantine that it makes the United States Senate appear efficient by comparison – is poised to begin tossing legal monkey wrenches into international firearms transactions; and indirectly affecting firearms policies in the United States. 734 more words


Beginner's Guide to U.S. Treaties.

U.S. Treaties: A Beginner’s Guide, co-authored by Barbara Bavis and Robert Brammer, In Custodia Legis, Law Librarians of Congress


Article II, Section 2 of the U.S.

377 more words
International Law

Minnesota Travel Series: Day One

Not too long ago, I took a trip to Minnesota to see some of the sites associated with the US Dakota War of 1862 and now I will share those travels with you through 7 blogs in 7 days! 988 more words

Alma Ata declaration

The Declaration of Alma-Ata was adopted at the International Conference on Primary Health Care (PHC), Almaty (formerly Alma-Ata), Kazakhstan (formerlyKazakh Soviet Socialist Republic), 6-12 September 1978. 88 more words


First Post, The Budapest Treaty

I thought an interesting topic for the first post here would be, The Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purpose of Patent Procedure (The Budapest Treaty). 211 more words