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Inter-American Court of Human Rights Database Now Available

By Laura Cadra

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) Project of the Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review has released its… 134 more words

International Law

Just Once I'd Like to See a Day

Just once I’d like to see a day
where news is not all bleak and grey
a day when there’s no crime or vice
but stories ’bout folks being nice… 74 more words


The Latest In Secret Treaties Being Developed

Someone leaked the latest rev of the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that crony bureaucrats around the world keep on trying to develop in secret, and once again it’s filled with requirements for big brother surveillance over the internet, at the express request of Hollywood and the music racketeers. 38 more words


Indonesia: Dualisme atau Monisme-kah?

Dalam kehidupan masyarakat internasional ada interaksi antara hukum internasional dan hukum nasional. Negara dalam hidup bermasyarakat membentuk hukum internasional, sedangkan masing-masing negara memiliki hukum nasional. Ada keterkaitan hubungan antara hukum internasional dan hukum nasional. 1,085 more words


Regional Safeguards Regimes: ABACC and Nonproliferation in the Southern Cone

Regional nuclear safeguards regimes offer a unique way for countries to partner with each other to ensure nuclear security and prevent proliferation. Such regimes act as check and balances between potential nuclear competitors, offering a means of cooperation rather than an arms development race that can spiral into conflict. 4,150 more words