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Writing: Child of Self

I recently had a video chat with an American friend who I had met through a forum. This was the first time I’d seen her or a picture of her, and while she did look quite similar to what I assumed, I was forced to revise my mental picture of who she was overall—to integrate my perception of her from the forum and my perception of her from the video chat. 647 more words


Republic in Transition — the role of Micropatriological Realism's «Activation Energy»

The following essay has been written by C. Sörgel for a macronational academic course. «Activation Energy» theory related to the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, or Principate, at the end of this essay. 1,955 more words


On looting

we move the cemetery to confirm there is nothing outside of this town. the strip club remains a two man show. leash laws are for dogs and angels. 61 more words

Why W Is (And Shouldn't Be) Double-U

I have no sources for this post. I have no references, no backing, no documentation save what I have observed myself. I cannot prove any of this. 432 more words


Making the Best Use of Study Aids

Study aids come in a variety of forms, such as treatises, hornbooks, commercial outlines, and study guides. Sometimes your professors will assign study aids as either required or suggested reading for a course. 463 more words