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Prisons As America's New Asylums

Fact: There are approximately 10 times as many people with severe mental illness in prisons than there are in state psychiatric hospitals.

Fact: Approximately 15% of the prison population is estimated to suffer from severe mental illness, according to the Department of Justice. 45 more words


The miracle of coconut oil

Now, we all know coconut oil can be used for cooking, but not everyone knows how amazing coconut oil is for your hair and your skin. 715 more words

Running On Empty: Making Water

(KNX 1070) — Work is being done to tap into the ocean, while the water flowing from some taps is already coming from toilets. Ed Mertz reports.


Exercise and depression: evidence based practice

Exercise and depression meta analysis: http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/2000-16136-001

So why is depression important for physiotherapists to understand and know how to treat? I’ve been on 3 clinical placements now and in all of them I have seen at least a handful of patients with depression. 286 more words


Growing up with Molly Penny's Love

Growing up in a hospital isn’t all bad.  For Abbigail, she has friends, fun and Molly.  Since the very first few days, Abbigail has found the joy within those grey walls and she brought her contagious smile no nurse could resist.   675 more words

Abby Update

Treatment of dysmenorrhea depends on its causes

During menstruation, many women experience backache, menstrual pain and bad temper. In some cases, the pain is so severe that they can’t even bear. However, few women attached enough importance to… 361 more words