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Disease or Identity

I have a history of depression. Sometimes it’s been pretty extreme. I’ve thought about death. I’ve googled morbid things. I’ve lost friends. I’ve seen therapists. I’ve been on medication. 676 more words


The interrested of Images from the Wards: Diagnosis and Treatment you have to learn.

Images from the Wards: Diagnosis and Treatment is an exciting visual resource for in-training and practicing physicians. James Studdiford, Marc Altshuler, Brooke Salzman, and Amber Tully present this comprehensive, focused image-based reference and review for diagnosis and treatment with compelling images-selected from a large bank of medical pictures in a teaching database at Jefferson Medical College-that underscore important teaching points. 148 more words


The Symptoms

It is important when discussing depression that there is at least some brief overview of the symptoms. While these symptoms may feel obvious, it may in fact help some recognize what they’re dealing with. 74 more words

Workplace Discrimination Series: Mia Macy

Mia Macy speaks of her personal experience with sexual discrimination. This video is just one account of sexual discrimination, and it proves that workplace discrimination is very real and is affecting peoples’ lives. 26 more words


Back out at the Pike

Well I flew back to Florida on the April 15th, I have some business I need to take care of and as I flew into town I thought I would run out and see if anyone was out at the Pike. 407 more words


The Good Feeling that Just Won't Last - For All the Nay Sayers Who Think Addiction is a Choice....

As an addictions professional who has worked in a variety of settings I find that the most¬†common theme among both individuals suffering from the DISEASE of addiction and their family members is this… 555 more words

12 Step

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: An Effective Approach?

A relatively recent paper entitled: ‘A randomized, controlled, pilot study of dialectical behavior therapy skills in a psychoeducational group for individuals with bipolar disorder’ has examined the efficacy of DBT as a means of reducing the myriad negative symptoms of this serious mood disorder. ¬† 247 more words

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