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Product Review: Nioxin.

Nioxin is a great product line for people who have chemically damaged their hair, or people with starting signs of balding, fine/thin hair, or for any other re-growth issue. 112 more words


Time to loose weight: Obesity a modifiable risk factor in Breast Cancer

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) , overweight and obesity are the most important known avoidable causes of cancer after tobacco.

A strong relationship exists between obesity and breast cancer(and various other cancers).   150 more words



Plan in detail the style of your documentary.

You will need to discuss mood, structure, pace and documentary mode(s).

The style of my documentary, as described in my concept, is a very strong themed, visual experiential documentary. 1,044 more words


Addiction, Treatment, and Criminal Charges

Treatment and Sentencing

Nicholson & Gansner handles a large number of drug cases, from simple possession to conspiracy and/or intent to distribute. Commonly the defendant in the case has become a heavy user of a controlled substance, whether that is THC, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription medication. 712 more words



Style – The style of this mockumentary will be realistic, tacky and comedic. With the use of a 20-year-old, crap Hand-Cam, the footage will be, in an artists eyes…horrible. 156 more words


Why should our documentary be shown at the media festival

Present detailed arguments as to why this documentary production is appropriate for the festival

As you can see as you read through my treatment and concept work our documentary is made for the festivals audience. 221 more words


Rhodes Farm Anorexia Clinic

I’ve been in this clinic since I made my last post…about what 2 weeks ago probably more? “You’ll only be in here three months” my doctor told me. 414 more words