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Foods that will guarantee you a clear skin

“There’s a growing body of research showing that diet really does affect your complexion,”says Jessica Wu, MD, a dermatologist in Los Angeles and author of Feed Your Face. 207 more words


Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries

As the largest joint in the body, the knee is essential for competing in almost every sport, but it is also the most common site for injury in young athletes. 833 more words


The Implications of Sleep Apnea Treatment in Indianapolis for Women

These findings are highly significant, especially because of the prevalence rate of the condition. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep apnea affects around 7% of men and 5% of women – millions of individuals – in the country. 85 more words


Eyes Wide Open: The Human Genome Project, Biobanks & Privacy of Data

When my niece was born, in 2009, one of the issues that was raised in the family was whether or not her stem cells should be stored in a biobank. 655 more words


What patients don't have, but need: A qualified counselor to fill in the blanks of "Here's what I would do...and here's why"

My 83-year-old dad this week was diagnosed with squamous cell esophageal cancer, Stage 3.

There are no options to cure it. So now dad must decide whether to do nothing or to seek palliative treatment with radiation, chemotherapy, or a combo of radiation/chemo. 449 more words


Round One

Fast growing tumor= Immediate action.

On December 9th, I was not only having my port placement procedure done, but beginning my first round of chemotherapy.  I was extremely nervous. 520 more words

Breast Cancer