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What You Should REALLY Know About Parvo, Ebola and Vitamin C


Jim Stone – August 29, 2014

During the course of practically any viral infection, vitamin C needs go WAY UP, and in the case of ebola, they go SKY HIGH. 4,780 more words


Week 7 (of 12)

I was very nervous going into my blood draw at chemo this past Monday.  Email exchanges with my care team last week indicated that, given the timing of coordinating the logistics of a port surgery with the schedule of my immune system, the earliest I could get scheduld to have a port installed would be right before the beginning of my fourth cycle (i.e., mid Sept)!  534 more words


Magnetic brain stimulation hype

Magnetic brain stimulation seems to be one of those things that could one day improve all our brain-related shortcomings: attention, creativity, memory, you name it! This week, another study has hit the headlines, with the bold claim that magnetic brain stimulation could improve memory for those with dementia. 357 more words


That moment...

I packed two lunches this morning, zipped up two school bags and excitedly but emotionally photographed you and your big brother under the tree, as I did with him each year. 793 more words

Abby Update

Goodbye treatment.

Today I am off to Victoria to celebrate my Papas birthday. Last time I was in Victoria I was still very much engaged in my eating disorder. 669 more words


Depression isn't a Real Thing

Depression isn’t *a* real thing. I am not saying depression doesn’t exist, I’m just saying that it is actually many things, and that what we tend to call “depression” is really just a mash up of lots of different types of human suffering, with different causes, courses and manifestations. 953 more words

Acceptance And Commitment


Had one of the weirdest experiences today…

I went for a spa day, feeling like hell after yesterday’s treatment, but was lovely just to relax and chill. 296 more words