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How the NHS fails patients continually!

I have been ill since I was a child. However, despite that I have studied and I work and support myself, most of the time. Occasionally I have had to go to hospital for treatment, and these are some of the things that have happened to me and mine recently. 2,501 more words

A Bumpy Road Ahead

Being in an emotional rollercoaster isn’t fun, nor is it thrilling. If anything, it’s tiring.

And right now, I’d say, I’m slowly being drained of my patience and of my will to fight for my happiness. 235 more words

A bit of me...Part 1

Greetings to you all this early morning. It is Liza, the Owner of the Wandering Path. I apologize for not posting yesterday morning but I had to take a bit of a down time as the adverse weather does affect my body and while I may put on a brave face many days, there are others where I must take the time to rest. 242 more words


skin care - Go on treat yourself !

Jo, this one is for you !

OK we all know the routine , cleanse, tone etc etc . You know I love to cleanse , I also use a lot of masks. 547 more words

If You Have This Situation, Work out Could Preserve Your Life

For individuals with high glucose levels at chance of type two diabetic issues, reducing bodyweight and exercising may lessen their chances of passing away from cardiac arrest or other conditions, a new long-term research suggests. 504 more words

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Take Heart: Mediterranean sea Diet Fights Diabetic issues, Research Says

Adhering to a so-called Mediterranean sea consuming plan may reduce your chance of diabetic issues, especially if you’re at risky for cardiovascular illness.

That’s the finding of researchers who reviewed 19 research that involved more than 162,000 individuals in different countries for an average of 5.5 years. 316 more words

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Get Motivated: The Exercise You Won't Cancel

Nancy Stein was sensation upset with herself. She had began a new job, with a challenging journey routine that triggered her to add undesirable weight. As winter time finished, Stein* experienced so disappointed about her excess bodyweight that she opposed when her buddy, Leslie Mosher*, tried to get her outside for training. 1,175 more words

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