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There were four of us, including our group leader, in the support group yesterday. I was expecting more people, but a small group is more comfortable for a shy newcomer like me. 288 more words

Mis perceived dedication

Patient: Medical recommendations seem to disregard the fact that I have a life going on outside of the reason I’m seeing a doctor. Like they think my entire life is dedicated to this one small piece of pain.

Dialogue Scraps

Session with the coach: Cynthia and that boy

Cythia: Kevin, I don’t know what to do with this boy. He totally disrespects me regularly, he’s out of control and he’s got everybody fooled. I don’t know what to do! 825 more words

Why was I so surprised?

The mom stood speechless looking into her son’s bedroom. Who’d cleaned it so promptly? Her proud son took her on a tour of the spotless room. 920 more words

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Gut Microbes, Diet and Gender - Insights into Autism ?

Diet Affects Men’s and Women’s Gut Microbes Differently


July 29, 201

AUSTIN, Texas — The microbes living in the guts of males and females react differently to diet, even when the diets are identical, according to a study by scientists from The University of Texas at Austin and six other institutions published this week in the journal… 752 more words


Causes for Female Infertility?

one out of six couples facing the problem of infertility. female infertility factors around 50% of all infertility cases and it is approximately 1/3 of all infertility cases. 131 more words