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The Solution To My Problems? Skin that is...

So we all have it right? The random breakouts, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, acne scars etc. It can be soo frustrating! -_-Trust me I’ve been struggling since I hit puberty & all though my skin has improved wayyy more than when I first started the product junkie in me is always looking for a better way to improve the small problems I feel I still have with my skin. 94 more words



You turn the faucet a little or a lot, depending on what you need, assured that with a flick of the wrist you can shut it off. 248 more words

Mental Illness

Special #LCSM Chat Topic 11/05 1 PM ET: @TheNCI hosts chat on precision medicine in lung cancer

#LCSM Chat is pleased to announce a special #LCSM Chat for Lung Cancer Awareness Month will be held on WEDNESDAY, November 5 at 1 PM Eastern Time (NOT our usual day and time). 306 more words

Lung Cancer

From the Chemo Chair - Part 5, People!!!

Happy Halloween!! As much as I’m not psyched to have chemo on Halloweeen weekend, I am pumped that Nana is here AND that Nate picked up a job for today and tomorrow. 497 more words

Breast Cancer

A Look Back at My Boston Years

I grew up surrounded by Boston accents. Today, a person with that infamous identifier has died: Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

He was the only mayor in my Boston “lifetime.” When I became an official resident of the city in 2002, Menino had already been mayor for almost a decade. 504 more words

Being Young And Depressed

Embodiment: Healing from Body Trauma and Dissociation

Recently, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in a close friend’s wedding.  I’ve been to tons of weddings, but it was only the second time I’ve been in a wedding party.   2,965 more words

New Narratives

George Davis reblogged this on TRANS RESEARCH and commented:

This is an amazing article from a trans woman about healing and becoming connected to your body. She discusses dissociation, embodiment, walking meditation, doing a body scan, and dance. One of my deep convictions is that we need more research on multiple therapies for gender dysphoria. We lack studies, but we do have personal research from trans people's lives. From the article:

This is Not About Detransition

This is about helping you feel embodied.  Maybe that was your initial hope in transition?  I have transitioned, and it didn’t fix these dissociated symptoms.  Anecdotally most trans women I know still struggle with these issues after transition.  It’s important to remember that dissociation is a coping mechanism that we learn.  It makes sense that learned behavior would carry through transition.  I don’t care if you detransition or don’t.   I care that you heal.  Do what you want to do, with open eyes.