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Antiobiotics: friend or foe

In 1928 , penicillin, the first antibiotics discovered by Alexander Flemming  allowed the rate of disease to fall dramatically.The introduction of Antibiotics prevented childbirth from becoming a deadly moment in a woman’s life as well as death from minor ailment. 300 more words


Drug that may save brain cells undergoes tests

Testing is underway on a new drug that may cure traumatic brain injuries for soldiers fighting on the battlefield.

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The Dog Days … of Recovery

Midwestern Mama is pleased to share an update on her son’s recovery in what she likens to the “dog days.” Find out why and let us know if you can relate! 790 more words

Drug Addiction

I am sorry, but this is nothing "Mubarak" for me

Dear readers,
As Eid – Ul- Adha is fast approaching, I am divided between “duty” and “morals”. As a person born in a Muslim family, it is my “duty” to celebrate this Eid. 292 more words

Medical Treatment

What is the biggest fear that most people have about visiting the doctor for medical treatment? Well for many it will undoubtedly be the discomfort of a medical examination or other such fear. 389 more words


Therapy choices

Final tests haven’t come back from pathologist yet, but I have still been struggling to find an answer to the big question. If radiation therapy is the way to go, how will daily sedation for 26 days affect Maya? 210 more words