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vegan doggie cookies

My husband and I recently adopted a dog, Chewbacca ‘Chewie’ Maule. We chose to adopt him from the Animal Welfare League QLD as we are both big advocates for adoption/fostering and spay and neutering, and do not support breeding or puppy mills. 564 more words

Dinosaur Cupcakes

My nephew turned three a couple of weeks ago and I made myself in charge of the pre-birthday treats. I wanted to make something fun and playful, but not overly complicated {my decorating skills are extremely limited}. 88 more words


Al Balls

So named because my friend Al was over the night I made these, tried one, and loved it. (Or else did a really solid job of pretending to!). 104 more words


Bless His Little Heart

I overheard a conversation between one of my dismissal charges and a kindergarten teacher after school today.  He, being a very observant little dude, initiated a bit of a chat when he realized that she had treats.  100 more words


Try It Tuesday

Ah, Tuesday. My second favorite day behind Friday. Today’s Try It Tuesday is highlighting some some tasty new supermarket finds!

While grocery shopping the other day, I happened upon these nummies: 249 more words

With Love from Vienna

My boyfriend went away on a trip with his colleagues and came back with a couple of treats for me from Vienna.

The first was some Reber Spezialitäten chocolates, I love the packaging of Constanze and Mozart! 268 more words


The Only Paleo Bread that Works for Me

I was thrown into the world of preschool parenting this week. There was no gentle nudge, but a well-meaning push sent me into the grocery stores to gather snack items for the children. 624 more words