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Monkeys and swings in Banos

Although Banos is weirdly named the Spanish word for toilet (or bathing waters) it was much more than that. Before heading to Banos Alex, Rohan and Sam decided they wanted to hike up Chimborazo, a mountain nearby with a peak of 6,276 metres. 560 more words



A little tree house on an almost 200 years old tree.

It was a very loved tree house but the kids have out grown it yet don’t want it to be taken down.

Life In China

Meet the Treehouse

Over the Fourth of July, our family got together at my parents’ farm to build a treehouse, the look of which was designed by Alex and his cousin, and the engineering of which was puzzled out by my dad, repurposing boards from bins in the upstairs of the garage… 95 more words

From the Most Restful Well-Feeling Moment in Days, On the Tree House Porch

I like to imagine he drove to see her,
a reaching out of the heart,
in gesture, earnest gesture,
if also in mind.
Why is coming on a plane not as romantic? 276 more words

Askew Tree House

The ‘Askew Treehouse’ was born to replace an existing tree house. Our clients came to us with their 10 year old tree house and wanted a new replacement. 70 more words

Play House

Apple-esque Glass Tree House

Tree houses seem more and more outdated as people start to be absorbed by the internet. This tree house costs about $375,000 to build and is seriously a gorgeous design. 23 more words

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