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Tree house, garden house, round house, out house, all at Lake Ozette

The tree house that sleeps four, the round house with 2 stories, the garden house, the outhouse. I love the little houses at Lake Ozette in the Olympic National Forest on the Washington state coast. 693 more words


The Girl Who Built the Tree-House

It’s easy to let silence take over part of your life and to forget the good things about yourself. It’s easy to twist your mind and see yourself from a bad angle, to believe that acts of anger or rebellion are always bad things, to submit and tell yourself it’s only this one time. 1,298 more words

The Tree House

When I read “tree house” on the tour schedule, I had some doubts. Surely, I thought, whoever was in charge of my Master’s program field trip was not about to send us to visit a wooden box in a tree. 404 more words

Tree House by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

Oh what a way to start of the day! Today’s morning topic is about this tremendous tree house that I could not stop gushing about by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects. 295 more words


One State: Two IPAs

Congress Street in the Seaport District is a land of white-collar success: businessmen and convention centers, overpriced bars and restaurants, and on the weekends a plethora of semi-lost tourists that really would prefer to be on a boat made of wood…or, at the least, made of duck.   361 more words


Weekend Getaway: The Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Being close to nature is a beautiful feeling. Being close to nature in the lap of luxury is even better. Our experience at the Tree House Resort was filled with magical moments, happy experiences growing manifold with awe inspiring gestures of Mother Nature’s grandeur. 920 more words