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Fifteen Days Out in South Wales: Gigrin Farm

Everywhere we live wild predators are persecuted, both in the vicious attempt to raise the number of game for shooting (often farm raised “game” released exclusively for shooting) and in the misguided belief that killing predators can count as a form of ecological balance in anthropized environments (it does not work like that, killing wild predators actually produces further imbalance). 275 more words

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Fretted With Golden Fire

People do the strangest things and very often I find myself baffled, annoyed, when not downright disgusted. I am a humanist who just so happens not to love humans, unless they produce art. 15 more words

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Fifteen Days Out in South Wales - Cardiff Bay Wetland Reserve

The Cardiff Bay Wetland Reserve is green and cheerful, with all the coots busy with their nests, the undisturbed reedbed and the grey cygnet. But of course it still maintains a surreal air. 157 more words

Tree Hugger

Today I Cried Over a Tree

I began contemplating what I would write as we drove over the gravel bridge over a culvert. It was a Happy New Year cold and sunny day–a perfect setting for firewood work and this subsequent recap. 860 more words

Episode 48 - The Rating Game

We’re all just looking for a little acceptance.


An Unnecessarily-Righteous Cup of Joe

<This is very good.>

It’s Ethiopian shade-grown organic non-GMO Fair Trade medium-dark roast. Ground it myself.

<My heavens, it’s like drinking unicorn’s milk. Did you have to hire a knight errant to find this: The Quest for the Holy Cup? 334 more words


A Very Atheist Christmas

Our son is not quite 3 months old yet, but we have already started feeling religious pressure from our family members.  Not much, just a comment or question here and there.   1,081 more words