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Mimmo Rotella

I used to work for this guy, back in the years when I was a pub waitress, who was an ageing hippie with a goatie, a piano degree, and the complete collection of… 363 more words


Tree Truths...

WHOA!!!!! What’s happening?????????

Lots of tree activity….lots of trees goin’ down in the village. It deeply saddens us to see these trees – which take decades to mature – being cut down. 338 more words

Local Living

Tree Romance

Tree Romance. Have you hugged your tree today?



L’interessante lavoro di Roger Olmos esposto alla Biblioteca Delfini di Modena in occasione di Passalaparola, festival della lettura per ragazzi, tavole originali con introduzione di J.M. 51 more words


Fifteen Days Out in South Wales - Britain's Oldest Tree

According to DNA dating this churchyard yew is 5000 years old, supposedly Britain’s oldest tree. Its location is well known but I won’t spread it further because when these ancient trees become famous they start to get a lot of visitors and visitors spread diseases. 77 more words


Time Is Valuable {September Blogging Challenge Update}

Oh, Saturday, one of the best days! One of the reasons being that I can blog. I am super duper busy during the week that I hardly have time anymore, so I’m really sorry, I’m trying my best though! 405 more words