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"Children in Paradise": Gregory of Nazianzus on Gen 2-3

If there’s one thing I know about the early chapters of Genesis, it’s that they often raise far more questions than they do answers; not surprisingly, modern interpreters still struggle to make even the most basic of decisions, such as how we should categorize these chapters with respect to genre. 492 more words

Patristic Commentary

Adam, Eve, God and the tree

God: ……So, to sum up, don’t eat from that tree.

Adam: And why not again?

God: Because it is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 722 more words


the voice of know-ledge

“You are one with God, and it is effortless. God is here, and you can feel the presence of God. Of course, if you don’t feel God’s presence, you need to detach from the story because the only thing between you and God is your story.”

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God's Plan, the Grand Plan

Going off of the basis that God is all knowing, then could he have known about the cause and effect of creating an enemy, Lucifer. If so, then he knew by creating Lucifer, Lucifer would invoke one of the most dangerous of thoughts, curiosity into one of his future creations humans by taking up the form of a snake and enticing that creation, a human to eat from the Tree of Knowledge stamping human – kind with sin, the knowledge of good and evil. 52 more words


The Apple

If you’ll allow me a paradox

O omni-conundrum weaver:

The serpent offered me fruit,

A juicy seed from the Tree of Knowledge,

And I ate with insatiable hunger. 87 more words


Tree of Knowledge

If you held the fruit from the tree of knowledge,

Would you bite?

I would!

And bring on all of heaven and earth’s spite,


But what about the joy of learning, 92 more words

On Life, Death, & Original Sin

As I study A Course in Miracles with my friend and study buddy Lisa of BloomLisa, I have often pondered the concept of original sin. 1,026 more words

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