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Portals of Progress (Part 2)

         Hesiod’s story of Pandora’s Box was an obvious take on the Genesis account.          Pandora had been granted authority.          She possessed the freedom to choose.          Freedom allows for the making of evil choices. 761 more words
Lord Jesus

Portals of Progress (Part 1)

         The Lord sometimes sets a door before us through which we must pass. It often arrives as a result of much prayer and searching. Upon arrival, we sometimes do not recognize the door as the answer we seek because it doesn’t necessarily appear as an opportunity, but something to avoid. 949 more words
Lord Jesus

Life Tree Death Tree

For the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to oodles of teachings in preparation for the Kairos event coming up at my church next weekend. I always listen to oodles of teachings anyway, but I’ve been focused on Freedom Ministries lately, specifically because of Kairos. 817 more words

God's Love

Suchness and Form

Creator/Spirit/Mind/Source, the infinite mystery of the universe, is described in many ways:  word, breath, spirit, formless, suchness, energy, nameless with a thousand names.  We turn to look and do not see.  665 more words

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