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Four things you need before the event ends

So much of our time is spend trying to earn prizes and make sure we hit whatever totals we need to unlock certain content, but there is something many of us completely over look: the decorations. 69 more words


Today is the last day of the event

If you need to collect long protein strands to unlock the U.B.O. costume for Mr. Burns, best get everything you need soon. The event ends in less than twenty-four hours. 165 more words


Time's Running Out!

Just a quick heads up everybody, the 2014 Treehouse of Horror event is scheduled to come to a conclusion TOMORROW. But what does that mean? Well, it means any unopened and unearned prizes will no longer be obtainable. 111 more words


Treehouse of Horror Items That DIDN'T Come Back

Hello neighboreenos! The THOH event is ending and most of the stuff available this year was returning content. While it seems that everything from past Halloween events came back, some stuff was indeed left out. 316 more words


Should I Buy The Twirl 'N' Hurl?

Happy Weekend tapperinos! Some last-minute items have been added to the build menu, including the Twirl ‘N’ Hurl! It’s a building for Krustyland that was first introduced during the Treehouse of Horror event 2013. 353 more words


Should I buy the Subatomic Supercollider with the black hole?

Howdy Tappers how’s the alien onslaught going? Hope your all having fun and winning lots of new prizes. But enough about the new prizes lets talk about something that’s very old. 254 more words


Rigellian Queen a decoration of sorts

It took most of the event, but I finally earned enough resources to craft the Rigellian Queen without spending a single donut! Thankfully, I should also be able to craft the Rigellian Tribal Hut if I can collect 63 more pieces of candy corn before the event ends, which hopefully I’ll be able to do. 227 more words