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Sky Colours

Sky with magnificent colors. Cool atmosphere after stormy days.


Smoke gets in your eyes

Monday 1st September 2014

What people around here thought was a misty start to September, heralding the coming of Autumn, turned out to be smoke from the fire at the landfill site at Wareham. 341 more words


Growing Mint

Princes Gate East, 11:48

Using an empty Fentimans bottle, filled it with a mixture of compost and rooting powder, took a cutting from a larger mint bush and planted it.

First shoots starting to grow.

        .                   .        



As part of my ‘Ways of Seeing’ group project, I contributed with a few photos of various things along the riverside near campus. I had the specific intention of venturing completely off any form of track, weave myself around branches and spiderwebs and the like. 23 more words


Tian Tan Buddha - Hong Kong

Though hazy and distant, this is Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong. As I’ve written about before, Hong Kong is an insane place. My first trip there was with one of my best friends, both of us fresh out of our first year of university. 57 more words