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What Did You Dream Last Night?

What Did You Dream Last Night?

The rain was coming. I was soon to marry a man. However, an attractive woman appeared in the crowd at the coffee shop, and I thought, hm, I’ll marry her! 1,564 more words


Want to Save Trees? Save the Elephants

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of Florida demonstrated a monumental link between the dramatic decline of elephant populations and the local extinction of dominant tree species. 26 more words


Grade 6 Windows and Trees

I love how the students had the same task, same instructions and how incredibly different each piece looks. I would frame any of these and hang them in my home! 352 more words

Grade 6

A Few for Friday

It was sunny and cool today. I didn’t see any of the bigger anoles today except for one of the screen door anoles, sitting outside the back door watching a nearby fly. 128 more words


Hacked up trees and churches with the God sucked out of 'em!

They prune the limbs of the tree as they cut at the Book they claim so holy. All are pruned to make sense of life. But it is not a god who wields the secateurs… 14 more words


Haiku #73 - Late Fall

Without all their leaves

did the trees lose their beauty

or was it revealed?

(c) 2014  Betty Hayes Albright

(photo from morguefile.com) 7 more words