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Hostels, Trekkies And The Perception of Being Cool

By Ron of “Joey and Ron”

If you have ever stayed in a hostel before or have any familiarity with them at all you might think of them as some of  bastion of diversity and acceptance; a place where all walks of nationality come to travel, learn about other cultures and form a temporary home base among other like-minded individuals. 1,192 more words


Nepal 2014: EBC Trek Video

In early February 2014, 1 girl set off to meet her 3 (already trekking) companions for the adventure of a lifetime…

‘Eve’, a poem by Joshua Butler-Wenden: 209 more words

Where Does The State's Responsibility End?

I am as relieved as anybody else that young Srikant Balaji is safe and sound, though perhaps a bit under the weather after his recent experience. 565 more words

In The News

Eulogising summer skin

The silver
wheat skin
of a sunless dawn,
the long-legged soul
of summer’s
final yawn.
A sign that 26 more words


Thoughts from a Trekker

Lifting my head to look toward the mountain, my eyes can see far into the distance where clouds cover the highest point of Honduras- our goal- a long way off. 684 more words