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Controversial view expressed in Offbeat Magazine. There is much to say for this view but I can think of plausible counter-arguments to do with the inherent dynamism of tradition which New Orleans is the instantiation par excellence. 75 more words

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8 Binge-Worthy Shows...

A friend asked me to recommend some shows that she could stream either on Netflix or Amazon Prime. She requested that the series already be over so that she could just binge the whole thing. 663 more words

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Jim Crow, Treme, Iago, Dr. John, and I-and-I

Last night the shamanic JT Crow, one of my spiritual advisors, came over for pizza, and we started yapping about the HBO series Treme, which chronicles the travails of (perhaps too many) characters trying to get their lives together in those wretched days just after Katrina wasted New Orleans. 956 more words



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The Opening Credits: Ranking the 15 best—Part 1

With the rise of the “prestige television” era, a show’s opening credit sequences have become a major production unto themselves. Some have the grandiosity and the budget of an independent film. 909 more words

Louis Prima's New Orleans

A few days ago, I stumbled over an article in the Louisiana Cultural Vistasa journal sponsored by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. It was by a fellow archivist and friend, Bruce Boyd Raeburn, director of the… 580 more words

HBO's Treme is an excellent intro to New Orleans music

Occasionally, when someone learns about my New Orleans music show, they’ll ask me: “Have you seen. . .

And I know where they are going. 703 more words

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