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Open to the Possibilities ...

Tuesday was day 6 for the daily equity cycle. Stocks managed to break above the resistance at the 1870 level and now is facing resistance at the 1880 level. 358 more words

The 4/18/14 Weekend Report Preview

The new daily dollar cycle continued higher printing its 5 straight higher closing high.


Thursday was day 5 for the daily cycle. Since this is following a right translated cycle our expectation is to see the dollar go on to print a higher high during this daily cycle. 349 more words

Positive Review

Stocks gained on Yellen’s message.

Today saw stocks break the developing declining trend line. Which causes us to reconsider if 4/11 was day 11 of a new daily cycle or day 46 of the previous daily cycle. 140 more words

Bag to the Mail Bag

An email begins our discussion tonight.

“Know it is a long shot, but what are the chances that the equities are still in the first Daily Cycle?” 375 more words

Wednesday, 4/9: Quiz Review (Day 10 of 11)

Purpose Statement: Review data and data displays in order to get ready for the quiz.
Handouts: Data & Data Displays Quiz Review (Turn in: Thurs, 4/10) 161 more words


Tuesday, 4/8: Scatter Plots (Day 9 of 11)

Purpose Statement: Use scatter plots to explore the relationship between two variables.
Handouts: More With Scatter Plots (Turn in: Wed, 4/9)

We continued our work with scatter plots today, but we added an extra step! 298 more words


The 4/07/14 Evening Report

The dollar printed a bearish reversal on Friday. It followed up on Monday forming a swing high.

The dollar is one day shy of entering its timing band for a daily cycle low. 229 more words