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The 10/24/14 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The current daily cycle peaked on day 6 and formed a swing high on Friday day 7. That is in line with our expectation to see a left translated cycle form here. 320 more words

Smoke em if you got em ...


Tuesday night we discussed how stocks were close to confirming a new daily cycle but at the time, no cigar…


Well today stocks broke above the declining trend line to confirm a new daily cycle. 200 more words

Trend Line Break


The dollar broke above the declining trend line signaling a new daily cycle.


Since the daily cycle count has not been clear, we still need to see a break above 86.13 to form a daily swing low and confirm a new daily cycle. 116 more words

More of a Nudge ...


In last night’s post, When Push Comes to Shove, we discussed that gold needs a shove to either declare a new daily cycle high or commit to a daily cycle decline. 265 more words

When Push Comes to Shove


It looks like we are getting to a point with gold where push comes to shove.


We are still waiting to see if gold is through with its intermediate cycle decline. 161 more words

Miner Problems


The bullish reversal printed the previous week broke above the declining trend line signaling a new daily cycle.


The Miners have not yet formed a daily swing low, which is concerning. 234 more words