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Food for Thought


Gold’s daily cycle peaked on day 5. The bearish follow through to Tuesday’s trend line break confirms that gold has entered its daily cycle decline. 191 more words



The dollar broke out to a new high on Tuesday.


The dollar failed to deliver a break of the daily cycle trend line as it sought out its daily cycle low. 246 more words

The 8/15/14 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar’s daily cycle has peaked on day 25. The lowest point following the day 25 peaked printed on day 27.

http://imageshack.com/a/img540/5217/Im3GpT.jpg… 320 more words

A Bullish Case for Gold


The Bullish case for gold begins with what is unfolding in the dollar.


The dollar’s daily cycle peaked last Wednesday, which was day 25 and printed a bullish reversal on Friday. 473 more words

Bullish Progress


While we wait on a declining trend line break to signal a new daily cycle, stocks delivered more signals of a new daily cycle. … 128 more words

The 8/08/14 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The swing high off the day 25 peak signals that a daily cycle decline is imminent.


Being this late in the daily cycle suggests a brief decline. 220 more words