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Deciphering the Dollar


The dollar is still doing a masterful job hiding its intentions.

The dollar first peaked on day 17. The swing high breached the accelerated (dashed) blue trend line making it look like, in real time, that the dollar just began its daily cycle decline. 295 more words

Golden Possibilities


The day following lowest point of the cycle decline is day 1 of a new daily cycle low. Even though the previous Friday saw gold print its lowest point of the cycle decline, gold also delivered a powerful 3.28% day that forced us to label it day 1 of a new daily cycle. 204 more words

Power up Sliding lines

his Package is includes below files:

Indicators :
1. PowerupSlidinglines.MQL4

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Double Trend Profit

The “Double Trend Profit” is a new revolutionary trend indicator which is using a new “double-confirmation” signals technology. There signals you will be getting are of the highest quality. 190 more words

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TrendStrength oma signals indicator

This Package is includes below files:

Indicators :
1. TrendStrength oma channel_mtf_alerts-1a.ex4
2. TrendStrength oma channel_mtf_alerts-1a.MQL4

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Channel Surfer Auto trend line

Auto trend line Channel Surfer indicator

When we look to find a trend, we will be looking at the timeframe we are trading and the next higher timeframe, but the focus will largely be on the timeframe we are trading. 52 more words

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Dollar Decision Time


The daily dollar cycle peaked on Friday, day 17. A swing high and trend line break formed on Monday, day 18, to confirm the daily cycle decline. 133 more words