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Pixie Perfection Tips

When I was 17, I decided to cut off seven inches of my hair going from long wavy locks to a sort of lob style. Then when I was 18 and about to go off to my first year of college I finally took the plunge and had my hair stylist cut my hair into a pixie. 325 more words


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Ten

I didn’t just look at these pants in the store and think they were cool, I tried them on and bought them! To take it a step further I bought the cool pants and wore them! 64 more words

Busy Busy!

Busy shipping to our wonderful customers! We love you guys, without you there is no us!



 Everyone watches TV or listens to music atleast once daily…Why not get paid to do it!  Viggle℠ allows users to gain points for engaging with the entertainment they love. 29 more words

Lovin' Right Now: Summer Denim

Once the temps start to hit 80 anything made of denim that doesn’t consist of a vest or shorts seems stifling. When paired right, though, jeans and/or a denim jacket can still work. 34 more words


Adam Wainwright joins Twitter!

(KTVI)- Cardinals’ ace Adam Wainwright has finally jumped on the Twitter train.

Two weeks ago at the 2014 All-Star Game, Twitter erupted when Wainwright commented on giving Derek Jeter “hittable pitches”. 37 more words


Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: How Our Eyes Read Fabric Patterns

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, we sometimes process visual information without being able to explain how or why an image stays with us long after the commercial has ended, after we left that web page, and after we closed the pages of that magazine. 775 more words