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Urban domino theory

If Dalston is the new Shoreditch and Peckham is the new Dalston, then what does that make Stroud Green?

Such was the game of urban dominoes that resulted this weekend from an invitation, offered in a mildly apologetic, but hopeful tone, to dinner in the… 397 more words

Air France est dans l'air

Air France vient de sortir sa dernière campagne de publicité «France is in the air» qui ne pas fait l’unanimité.

Après avoir utilisé pendant plusieurs années le slogan «Faire du ciel le plus bel endroit de la Terre», Air France souhaitait prendre un tournant dans sa… 307 more words


The Internet is a medium in which we communicate and share information. It has it’s own language in which people choose to communicate. There are many discussions and arguments about the positive or negative effect the Internet has had on the use of the english language. 1,243 more words


I am a Nationalist

By David Morgan

There you go – I’ve said it. I subscribe to a political philosophy that (in the context of the Scottish Independence debate at least) dare not speak its name. 1,990 more words


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Take a look at this article on Nationalism! It really brings out both the positives and negatives on how we identify ourselves as one group or another. But it definitely should never be a barrier to building understanding between people. Its important, because the challenges we face need everyone, and such action begins with trust!

Geopolitical Mistake: US Troops to Poland

Yesterday, Secretary John Kerry and Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov signed an agreement to resolve the Ukrainian Crisis, through de-escalation of the conflict. But today, an… 847 more words

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#OOTD - Union Square, NYC

What’s better than a sunny afternoon spent strolling around NYC? A bunch of things, actually – but a relaxing, retail-therapy filled day proved much needed as my spring break is drawing to a close.  218 more words

Sponsorship and Ambassador Opportunities

I’m always looking for awesome new brands and companies! If you would like to talk about business opportunities, product reviews, or sponsorship opportunities please contact everyday.equestrian14@gmail.com. 10 more words