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ESPN's Trent Dilfer says Chip Kelly is the best coach he's ever studied

In what has to be a thorn in the paw to his former coach Brian Billick, ESPN analyst and Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer says Chip Kelly is the best coach he’s ever studied. 248 more words


Adam Schefter and Trent Dilfer Crushed Zygi Wilf for Reinstating Adrian Peterson

Adam Schefter has had a feisty tone about league administrators the past couple weeks. On SportsCenter Monday night, the NFL insider said that the Vikings knew that Adrian Peterson was investigated in a second child abuse case last year, and that owners Mark and Zygi Wilf were responsible for the running back’s reinstatement and subsequent… 181 more words


Little Joe Loudmouth - The Mishandling Of Ray Rice

This is a sad topic to talk about and, like everyone else, I have strong opinions about it.  What Ray Rice did was disgusting and he absolutely should be punished for his actions, but let’s not get it twisted – the only reason he lost his job is because WE saw the… 557 more words


Ray Rice, the NFL, and Why Nothing Is Changing

Last night, Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer perfectly encapsulated what is wrong with the NFL, its fans, and how the two handle domestic violence. To be clear, it’s not what the pair said, because the two announcers completely whitewashed the incident in which Ray Rice brutally assaulted his then fiancé (now wife) and dragged her unconscious body from an elevator, showing no concern or remorse for his actions. 837 more words


Can Shaun Hill Be The New Trent Dilfer?

The St. Louis Rams have lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the second straight season to a torn ACL. Rams coach Jeff Fisher has stated that Shaun Hill will be his starter. 429 more words