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Dinosaur Pumpkin Lives

Dinosaur Pumpkin Lives

Contest at work so I made my entry today.


Dukes up for Bronson

Life in pre-history can get a little hairy sometimes. You gotta have thick skin and a good right-hook to match the likes of dinosaurs like the T-rex. 6 more words

Wandering into the Classroom: Confessions of a Substitute

This will probably end up being Part One of several. I recently left my job working in an Alzheimer’s care facility to work as a substitute teacher. 1,909 more words

brain dump

1.  I wrote yesterday’s post completely on my phone.  I’m not sure I will make it a regular thing but for the lazy girl inside it was nice not to have to break out my computer.  503 more words


Deliveries 9th October 2014

The calendar (unsurprisingly) has come from Trex, it’ll be brightening up my kitchen next year!

The phone I won from one of the Click-to-win sites and hopefully it will come in handy for one of our older relatives :-D