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Tri County Pest Control - 856-376-3250 - Exterminator Services - YouTube

Call (856) 376-3250 for Preferred Termite and Pest Control Exterminator: We Service the Tri County area in NJ. Salem, Gloucester, and surrounding areas. Term…

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Sebenarnya awalnya mau menulis blog lanjutan pulau helheim part 1, walau sudah selesai part 2 bahkan hingga part selanjutnya tapi entah mengapa saya menginginkan nanti saja… 318 more words


[Jour] 15/10/2014

Chị Thảo và anh Trí ở lớp Journalist rất chăm chỉ khi đã đến sớm và ôn lại bài trước khi vào lớp.

Tối nay có thuyết trình mà chưa biết chuẩn bị gì T^T

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Why Triathlon? Why you should read my blog ...

We all want to be something and achieve some goals in life, don’t we? After a number of sports related injuries and a new ACL in 2013 I decided my “new thing” to work towards would be the multi-discipline endurance sport of Triathlon. 205 more words


Challenge Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova is a town outside of Sacramento, CA. I have driven past numerous of times without paying attention to it and when I heard about the race I didn’t realize that it was the name of a town at first. 1,487 more words


QuickPlay: TRI: Of Friendship and Madness

Rat King Entertainment recently launched TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, a beautiful and peculiar puzzle game about Odd Gods, foxes, triangles and messing around with perspective. 633 more words


Everyone You Meet In Life Has A Story

I just had an amazing weekend doing things I NEVER thought I would be doing. I think sometimes it’s good to share your story. So I’m going to try and make a very long story short, and tell you what led me to the place I am at today. 1,246 more words

Running With Change