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Daily Devotion July 29, 2014

          Faith is something that needs to grow, kind of like the muscles in our body. How do we “work out” our faith like we “work out” our muscles in our body. 669 more words



However, I love you!
Even now.
Yes now.
I hold you dear.
When mist arises we shall pass through to the new land and we will shout with joy as our tribulations have ended before the fire of never ending love and we will see the face of our eternal flame. 32 more words

Letters Of The Soul

K'ore Writes: When Christians Face Trials.

We forget that greatness rides on the shoulder of trials, so we think anybody going through trials must be doing something wrong.

The life of ease has become the life of grace. 150 more words

Oau Christians

Trials and Tribulations

“In order, for faith to grow, adversity must be faced. Through trials and tribulations, strength is found.” Faith Tiley Johnson”

Recently, I have been faced with a… 118 more words

Science Of Getting Rich

There's Another Way

Several years ago, I was cruising along and enjoying the benefits of favor and promotion. Gifts within me were being unlocked and skills were being sharpened. 369 more words


Satan Our Accuser, Christ Our Advocate

I am reposting this from a few months back. I think that this subject is something that we need to be reminded of; and since I now have 10 times more followers than I had when first posted it will be new to most of my followers. 695 more words


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I am reblogging a very encouraging article from Levi Thetford. It comforted me and I trust it will be a comfort to others. We all have ongoing battles with spiritual evil in this planet: it is good to be reminded that the Lord Jesus has destroyed the enemy's reigning power over us. He may worry us (as CH Spurgeon so eloquently put it) but he cannot claim us as his own.