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¡Amamos triángulos

Triangles and fairy tales go together like wolves and pigs.  As teachers, we revel in their many symbiotic relationships: those trichotomous pigs, questions, bears, problems, porridges, knocks at the door, and stepsisters inspire us to view the three angles and lines of a triangle in a multitude of ways.   150 more words


The Cage - Fun Wid Us

by wimdenijs
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An Acute Problem

Prove that for an acute angled triangle ABC sinA + sin B + sin C > 2.

This is a problem that was posed to me at a meeting of the Further Maths Support Programme (@ 301 more words


Daily drawing /63

Hi there! My daily drawing of today is all about triangles!

Made with colour pencil, soft pastel pencil and fineliner.

Daily Drawings

Minimal Easter Greeting Cards

I tried. I swear I did. I tried making something that’s more fun, more colourful, more fitting for Spring; I did! But as it seems the tragic love between… 130 more words

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Triangular Tips

the following patterns came originally from the blue shell like doodle (lower left corner)

Pattern Design

Daily drawing /60!

Hi there! So here is drawing nr. 2 that i made cause i didn’t draw yesterday! It’s abstract and.. it makes drawing nr. 60!

Which is my second goal reached! 12 more words

Daily Drawings