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How to Solve Ambiguous Triangles (with flowchart)

If you are given three side lengths, there is only one way to make a triangle with them (or possibly no ways, if your side lengths are something like 1, 2, and 100.) However, if you are given an angle and two sides (and the angle is not between those two sides) then your triangle is “ambiguous,” meaning it might make 0, 1, or two possible triangles. 347 more words

Ambiguous Case

Help! My Daughter's In A Friendship Triangle

Before my daughter started school, I prayed (literally, said prayers) that she would find her way socially with ease and joy.  “Please let her be like her father– easy-going, adaptable, friendly, confident.”  When I got really desperate, I begged God to spare her the dark sides of my personality and keep her from being too insecure, desperate, dramatic, histrionic, low self-esteemy. 430 more words

Enter Feedback

So I am no longer writing a Play. I am writing a Film; a Screen Play. Trouble is I have never read a “Screen Play”. (Insert grave doubt.) 772 more words


Stitching - Day by Day

I have been plugging away on the hand quilting and enjoying every moment. I am able to sit in my chair with a pillow on top of the computer table (laptop stashed away) and the quilt draped on top. 28 more words


elements of design # 7 - real and implied triangles

1: Real Triangles -

Find a Subject which is Triangular

There are loads of triangle in the left half of this – shot upstairs in the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, but the best two are the one made by the vertical line of the wall and the slope of the roof and the the one made outside the banister. 475 more words


Geometric #48

One of my shirts got featured by the men’s fashion blog GlobalMint!  So Humble and Proud.  More coming in stock within the next week!