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Clarance Tobias-Tobias Foundation

I love bringing you articles on athletes that are making a major impact on and off the grind. This athlete is no exception to the rule. 966 more words


Running with the kids

Work and my son’s sleeping (or lack of) has been punishing my schedule lately, making training time limited and energy levels depleted.

I’m actually going to be travelling for work all week so I wanted to get some family time in over the weekend before leaving but was mindful I needed to train as well. 263 more words


What are you SWEATING out?

Going off of my last blog I asked “What is your weak point and how are you going to get better at it?”

I know one thing that is very hard to perfect and is constantly changing is hydration/nutrition in races. 341 more words


Piddle Pants, the One Who Runs Wild with The Coyotes

It’s officially four days away from San Diego’s Triathlon Challenge. I can’t even believe it’s finally here. I needed to do a light run to keep my legs moving before the race so I decided to go on 9pm run. 453 more words

Ironman Lake Placid Race

So it’s been a while since I raced Lake Placid but, as we all do, I remember step by step what happened during the race! So I’ll try to break it down, write about what happened personally as well as my thoughts on the race itself, course, etc. 1,203 more words

Lucy Gossage: things I wish I’d known as a kid | Youth Cycle Sport

I took up triathlon aged 26, when I was working long hours as a junior doctor. I’d put on some weight and wanted to get fit so signed up for the London triathlon as a challenge. 355 more words

Training And Exercise

End of season #Tribox

Oh it is that fun fun time again! The excitement of the October Tribox. I was super excited cause this month’s box had a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to try! 314 more words