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A Third Quarter Kick

“Why is the third lap in a mile repeat the most important lap?” a reader asked Coach Roy Benson in a recent Runner’s World column. 704 more words


OK here go’s – Going to tell you all about the forthcoming week’s. I am going to start training (for next year) for a Triathlon. Yes you heard it here first folks! 320 more words


Weekly review - so little exercise

Hmmmm. This week saw 9 hours 15 exercise managed consisting of….. 2 cycles (and a short strength workout).
It’s not the best preparation for a triathlon next week (argggghhhhh!) that’s ever been done BUT it’s been a fantastically (yep that’s a word) fun week. 343 more words


New dawn ? The road ahead is long..........

But it will be worth it ! To cross the finish line at Ironman Austria in June 2015 is going to tough, emotional and exhausting but today I start the training plan……… 131 more words

The first 50km bike ride

This week, I did something that any triathlon magazine will tell you absolutely not to do: I doubled my bike distance.

People who know about training for endurance events say to maintain the 10% rule, which means only increasing your training distance by a maximum of 10% each week. 422 more words


Summertime Madness

As summer is drawing to an end…shoot… who am I kidding? It’s been summer for the last year here in California and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. 561 more words

Triathlon and Running Gear for Endurance Athletes.

If you are competing long distances many of the products for runners and ultra distance runners might be perfect for you as a cyclist. Here are some items that will allow you to cycle longer faster and better! 32 more words

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