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Calm before the storm...

My 2015 Christmas party season officially kicks off on Thursday with a work team dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant. While I am super excited for the dinner on Thursday, I am equally excited for the start of the holiday season. 407 more words


Achieving a Goal

When I was 25 years old and was bitten by the tri bug, I set a goal to complete a Half Ironman before I turned 30 years old.  107 more words


An Ideal Vacation

Here’s my idea of the ideal vacation:

Get up a little before dawn and head to the beach in your swimsuit and goggles. As the sun rises, dive in and do a 30-60 minutes open water swim. 956 more words

Running a marathon if you're a triathlete (week 1)

I am training for a marathon. I haven’t actually entered a marathon. I might not enter a marathon. But I’m training for one none-the-less. I have in mind the Barcelona marathon for the following reasons: 685 more words


From Attempted Suicide to Ironman is a Tough, But Rewarding Road

Shane Niemeyer was running to catch up when he became an Iron Man competitor. Niemeyer had spent much of his youth drinking, overdosing on drugs, getting arrested, spending time in prison, and barely graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi when he was homeless after getting kicked out of a long-term treatment center. 423 more words


Week 2 Summary

Week 2 started off strong.
It panned out like this:

Monday: 1 hour Bike session (spin class) focusing on strength

Tuesday:  1 hour strength swim session (see earlier post for actual workout)- This was awesome and I could have kept going, but work beckoned! 162 more words


Around the World (Recipes Included) - No. 2

Brighton, Michigan USA

Tonight’s run took us around the world.  Well not literally, the epicurious portion of tonight’s run did; the geographical portion kept us in Brighton.  556 more words