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Drafting 101: Riding with a USAT Official, Part I

The bike portion of a triathlon is an individual time trial, the key point being individual. Sitting behind another rider, shielded from the wind is called drafting and it is illegal because it is cheating. 1,543 more words


why to tri and run

I’ve been mulling over ideas for my next book for months, and have struggled to come up with what I really want to write about. Then, it hit me. 72 more words

Dried, chewy bananas are every health food trend in one snack

For the next trendy health food, look to Brazil: It’s where the coconut water craze came from, after all. And those acai berries that supposedly turn whatever dishes or drinks they touch into disease-fighting, anti-aging miracle remedies? 472 more words

My First Triathlon

So, normally I don’t post too much about my athletics because I’m not much for bragging, or what I consider bragging because I’m the only person in my small circle who’s doing it; but I joined this triathlon group after reminding myself that I had told myself that I would be more engaging.   938 more words


On Halloween and Until Death Do Us Parts

A few years back I tore my ACL playing soccer. The orthopedic surgeon discussed the options and told me I could either take out a slice of my patellar tendon and use that the replace my ACL or else use a cadaver part. 1,244 more words