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On Halloween and Until Death Do Us Parts

A few years back I tore my ACL playing soccer. The orthopedic surgeon discussed the options and told me I could either take out a slice of my patellar tendon and use that the replace my ACL or else use a cadaver part. 1,244 more words

The pedicure life is not for me...(a post that is not for the weak)

Okay so I warned you…this post is NOT for those with a weak stomach, who are grossed out by feet (particularly runner’s feet) or those who may be eating/snacking at this moment. 1,386 more words

The Bulk Of It

Escape From Alcatraz - San Francisco's Yearly Triathlon

In 2013, San Francisco entrepreneur Scott Cathcart competed in his 17th Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in a row. This race is a challenging competition that features an unusually cold and technical swim from The Rock, a particularly hilly but short bike course through San Francisco, and a run leg with terrain varying from flats to hills to sand. 256 more words

Scott Cathcart

Books to Read on Cycling

Anyone who has even the least bit of knowledge of cycling has heard of the Tour de France and other grand cycling races. These are literally thousands of books available on the subject of cycling. 432 more words

Sometimes Mom comes before Ironman.

This weekend has been a whirlwind effect for me. It was mainly centered around my child simply because he ends up staying at home a majority of days because he’s home schooled. 842 more words


My experience with triathlon stores.

So, in order to complete a triathlon, one must have a bike. I’ve gotten mixed review from people and TB was dead set on my getting a tri bike. 1,357 more words