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Things I Know, Now

After 25 years in the sport you would think that I knew everything there was about training and racing for triathlons, yet I’m still reading about new ideas, practicing different things to improve my training, and rethinking things I had taken at face value.  1,274 more words



As much as I love doing my own thing when it comes to running, I feel I’m not pushing myself as hard as my ability allows. 204 more words


Ironman Swim Set Of Death!

As I pen this blog this morning, my shoulders and traps are tight, and refuse to loosen up anytime soon by the feel of it. Why’s this you might ask? 573 more words


A Path of Purpose

A Path of Purpose is a half hour short that begins like it’s going to be about autism. (The filmmaker’s son is autistic.) Then it looks like it’s going to be a “making of” type film about a (separate) film about autism. 358 more words

Short Film

Training patterns

OK, we all have plans and training patterns we like to follow. Not triathlon related but I came across this arguement online with a few guys trying to workout a plan for ‘every other day’!!! 43 more words


NATHAN - Bay Ten Espresso

Name: Nathan Devlin
Position: Co-owner of Bay Ten Espresso
Address: 10 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay NSW

Under the bridge – brews, buds and bikes

Some might say I’m pretty clueless when it comes to music. 1,122 more words


A Bike Fitting with the GURU Bike Fit System

When cyclists think about getting a bike fitting they probably associate the process with buying a new bike. The sales person/bike shop owner/bike fitter does their own assessment on what size frame a person should be riding and then based on how sophisticated a system the bike shop uses, either sits that bike on a stationary trainer, sits you on bike fitting system that they manually adjust, or now in the second decade of the 21st century, they sit you on a fit system that moves and is controlled by a computer, while you ride it. 2,615 more words