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Burn fat, not sugar

As athletes, we want to be leaner come race day but the challenge is trying to get the body into that fat burning mode…but not only when we are racing. 967 more words

Vegan Protein Powder

I thought everything was going great with my workouts, cardio-good, strength training-good, yoga-awesome, when for the hundredth time my husband said, “If you’re going to workout like this, you seriously need to start taking a protein supplement”. 350 more words

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Bike Climbing Tips

Last week I published some tips on how to improve your downhill biking skills, which I hope people have or will go out and practice. Some of the feedback I got was that well yeah that helps with the “easy” part, coming downhill, but I still hate to climb! 1,137 more words


Avoid Overuse Injuries

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Good news and bad news if you are an endurance athlete.

At first glance, you are to be commended because you’re clearly doing all you can to stay in condition and keeping your heart healthy, but there is a downside. 94 more words

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Triathlon Lingo Decoded

Triathletes use jargon that would have even Captain Midnight stumped. That is, unless he were to use his decoder ring with a secret department for stashed away Shot Bloks. 155 more words

Move Like a Pro: How to Make Weight Training Manageable for Triathletes

Last week we asked, “How many times a week do you add in strength training sessions? What’s your preferred method?” Team Amino Vital triathlete Beth Andrew told us she includes 3 to 4 sessions each week, and her favorite method is Pilates. 347 more words

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