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A Wee Reminder To Stay In Zone 2!

As we hit quite an imprtant stage of our Ironman training plan, I came across this article about training in the very much talked about ZONE 2! 93 more words


Big News and Big Easy!

While I was recovering from the nasty GI virus I received some exciting news! I’m an Ambassador for upcoming Esprit de She events in Tempe! 120 more words

Halfway There

I was speaking with my good friend and Ironman Austria aspirant The Professor today and we were catching up on the past weekend’s training. He told me of a run he took with his youngest. 652 more words


Terrapin Triathlon Race Story

The Terrapin Triathlon was my first triathlon ever, in 2013. My girlfriend Amy and I did it together; she helped me train, taught me transitions and what to pack.   2,420 more words


How to Taper for a Triathlon

How Triathletes Taper for an ‘A’ Race

According to this article on Active.com, a good pre-race taper plan can increase race performance from 1 to 6 percent with 3 percent being the average. 473 more words


I Forgot to Feel Athletic

On Saturday, I ran into someone I rarely see. We were walking to our cars following a wedding ceremony. I asked if her husband is running the Country Music Half Marathon. 476 more words

82nd (8th of 10) Week, Day2: One more day after 3 weeks of nothing

I haven’t trained in three weeks. One of those weeks was spring break, which I will write about here throughout the week. I have thought about training, though, but that doesn’t count. 76 more words