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A Third Quarter Kick

“Why is the third lap in a mile repeat the most important lap?” a reader asked Coach Roy Benson in a recent Runner’s World column. 704 more words


#Training Days: The week that wasn’t #swimming #running #biking #triathlon

After a blistering start to the week on Monday, the only consistent thing workout wise that happened was going to the gym at lunch. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday because of the gym workout and because it was swim day…I love swim days. 540 more words


The Importance of Recovery

We spend weeks, months, even a year at a time training for an event but often forget just how important it is to put that same amount of effort into recovering from a big event or even a hard workout. 552 more words


Spectating For A Change.

Spectating is soo much easier than taking part, BUT, obviously nowhere near as much fun. Yesterday, my brother in law Keith, took part in a super sprint triathlon in Ballymoney, and my job was to be look after my nephews as they cheered on their dad from the sidelines. 122 more words


Fall Creek Falls Olympic Triathlon

This recap is a little late, but we’ve been super busy training for the Riverbluff Half that’s coming up next Saturday!  So, Fall Creek Falls is a really neat place.  704 more words

8.31.14 So life happened

Apparently it has been almost three months since the last time I posted. But the reality is this morning is really the first time I’ve had some real down time where I’ve wanted to commit to posting.  544 more words


#Training Day Monday: The “#Running Farts”, My #Brothers, and The Last Thing I Wanted to Do Was…

Go to the gym today at lunch. I was tired because I didn’t get to bed very early and I didn’t sleep well at all. I tossed and turned all night, then woke up at some point and just laid there trying to get my mind to stop. 1,109 more words