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Hear Billy Joel's Explosive Cover of Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed'


I listened to both takes on Live and Let Die and Maybe I’m Amazed by Billy Joel. Some comments are unkind, some favorable. Well, for me Billy Joel’s voice at his age now lacks the range he used to have, it would be unfair for him to be compared to the original version when Paul was at his peak. 440 more words

Paul McCartney

Tribute Songs To John Lennon, Part Three: Bob Dylan—“Roll on John”

The 10th track in Bob Dylan’s album Tempest, I immediately downloaded the album when it came out in torrents and swooped to Roll On John. The instant liking to it grew bigger as I listened to it more and more savoring the lyrics, thinking if Bob really meant those words, and what he was feeling while recording it. 473 more words

John Lennon

Tribute Songs To John Lennon, Part Two

Of the non-Beatle tribute songs to John Lennon, first among them is Elton John’s Empty Garden. I have written about this in this blog before and the song generates the same feeling every time I hear and listen to this one. 237 more words

John Lennon