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Birthday Wishes

I couldn’t let this day go by without saying wishing my mother a happy birthday. ¬†This lady is so special to me and has poured so much into my life from instilling great values, love of education, and passion for our family. ¬† 85 more words

Erika's Elegance

Goodbye, Melinda...

She was an artist.

Her work extended to jewelry, costumes, painting. She had a way of expressing her spirit, imbuing her work with it, that rendered her soul accessible. 190 more words


Weekly Poem #98

I Will Fear No Evil

Today I cast a fishing line into a long Lazarus Pit.

I was searching for an answer that no longer exists. 160 more words


The End Of Climate Change -- 100 Word Story

The atmosphere’s warming trend slowed suddenly, tapering to a halt in only twenty years. Ocean temperatures shifted their immense inertia to follow suit. The icecaps began to regain weight. 73 more words

Science Fiction

'That's that Jackie Gleason thing, huh?' (Joe Franklin, 1926-2015)

Last night (Saturday, Jan. 24), when I shared the New York Times and New York Daily News obituaries of the great Joe Franklin on the Book of Faces, some of the comments I got included the standard “I didn’t know he was still alive!” variety. 1,681 more words

Fran Fried


Ignore the smoke of fear
Be not afraid

Midst the debris of hate
Do not look back

A saddened nation cheers you… 34 more words