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MOVIE MONDAY! 8.18.14 Edition

Hook!  My favorite movie ever!  I think because of where the Lost Boys lived, it was along the same lines as Ewok Village…  I always wanted a tree house too…  and of course, the FOOD FIGHT scene!

365 Day Challenge

Roger Clarke: Exceptional Public Servant to the End

Jovial, affable, high-spirited, trailblazer, leader, hardworking, respectful, respectable, are only some of the terms that have been used to address a man whose name became synonymous with agriculture in all households. 183 more words


Bluegrass Sunday #26: David Grisman's 'Dawg Plays Big Mon'

Instead of a full set via YouTube, this week’s Bluegrass Sunday features David Grisman’s Big Dawg Plays Big Mon, a tribute disc to the great Bill Monroe. 33 more words

Give It A Listen

See You on The Far Side, Dad

Today is the one-year anniversary of my dad’s death. He passed away from complications he suffered after being hit by a car. He was 87 at the time of his death. 1,462 more words

The American Dream

Windowless facades gape
With saddened eyes

Cracked sidewalks
Hopscotch and hope
Remnants of yesterday
Once vibrant streets vacant
Life but whispers on the wind

Weed filled lots… 22 more words


IS ISIS Demolishing Islam ? / Why 1.6 Billion Muslims Are Silent ? / Ist A Tsunami of Extremism Or Ist III World Religious War ?

IS THE PROPHECY BECOMING A REALITY ? Is ISIS have a definite plan to destroy Islam and blast it from it’s foundation?

Why 1.6 Billion Muslims are motionless like the Sphinx, not uttering any serious denouncements or reacting to fight and crush ISIS? 180 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

Harry Belafonte To Receive Honorary Academy Award

After years without a proper Oscar nomination, Legendary actor/singer and social activist Harry Belafonte will be getting his due at a stand-alone ceremony later this year. 71 more words

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