Adequate? At Best!

You have to hand it to Tricare. They tell you right up front what you’re entitled to as a military family member. The word “adequate” is frequently used to describe our healthcare benefit: “adequate” access to services and “adequate” care to “adequately” meet the family’s needs, just to give a few examples. 631 more words

Special Needs Parenting Challenges

Navigating the TRICARE maze: Prime vs. Standard



In-network vs. out-of-network.

I’ll have a whole new vocabulary once I master the TRICARE maze!

For the past 9 years, I’ve used TRICARE Prime… 542 more words

Military Spouses

DOD Details ABA Changes in Federal Register

Courtesy Repost from AMFAS News Site:

Tricare officials have published information regarding the ABA changes coming next month.
Most families won’t notice any changes, but there are several key points that families should be aware of. Click here for more information.


Today's Crazy

From 7:30 am to 6:20 pm, I had approximately 1/2 hour break.  The rest of the day I was managing 3 intense internal med cases, seeing regular appointments, completing elective surgeries, and receiving a direct shot to the face with an arterial bleed.  462 more words


Therapy Thursday: Stuck on a Ride We Can Never Get Off- Tricare's ABA Policy in the News Again

We, as parents of children with special needs, boarded this roller coaster of emotion sometime back, assumed at one point we could get off. Ok, maybe I am the only parent who thought this and now reality has adjusted my once jaded view, but I am getting tired of these hills and valleys we ride. 118 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Transferring Your Prescription During a PCS

Yea, you caught me… “Transferring your prescription during a PCS” is not a word. However, it is a aggregating phrase to hear during an already aggregating time of a PCS. 329 more words

Wordy Wednesdays

Obamacare unfair Treatments of Military Dependents

My concern / complaint relates to the A.C.A. and the unfair treatment of veteran dependents in contrast with private insurance terms. The President has touted the buzz line that dependents can stay on their parents plan until the age of twenty-six regardless of their education status. 308 more words