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Here's Why This Best-Selling Book Is Freaking Out the Super-Wealthy

There are many reasons why French academic Thomas Piketty’s 685-page tome, “Capital in the 21st Century,” has vaulted to the top of the Amazon.com best seller list and is being discussed with equal fervor by the world’s top economic policy makers and middle class Americans who wonder why they haven’t gotten a raise in years. 660 more words

JP Morgan Admits Trickle Down Economics Has Completely Failed

Source: addicting Info

Author; Wes Williams

Remember how the country was sold the idea of “trickle down” economics? “Oh, if we just give the wealthy more, they will create wealth for the poor and middle classes by increasing spending, investing in new factories, hiring more workers, etc, etc, etc.” In reality, after over 30 years of trickle down, or “supply side” economics, we are looking at just the opposite: the rich have gotten richer, and middle class incomes have stagnated. 692 more words

This is the second sonnet I wrote this morning.  They are connected (see in the blog below this one). We all pout sometimes. Hate to be misunderstood. 126 more words

shouldn't our prayers be to the corporate fathers instead of to...

If you’re like me, I say grace. I am told that the food on my table is put there by the 1%, that is, the corporate fathers, that the wine in my glass is in reality their wealth trickling/pissing down into it. 37 more words

High Federal Reserve Official Admits that Fed Policy Aims to Make the Rich Even Richer

David Stockman served as President Reagan’s budget director. He became famous (or infamous) for criticizing Reagan’s economic policies as favoring the rich. From his newest article: 178 more words