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Why Does the US Economy Perform Better Under Liberal Policies?

There are a number of indicators that show the US performs much better economically when liberals are in power: deficits decline; GDP increases; stock markets hit all-time highs; unemployment declines; wages increase…the positive measures are many.  1,673 more words

Economic Security

The gap between rich and poor is killing growth

No doubt the rich and powerful have been cracking up with laughter for decades over their ability to peddle ‘trickle-down economics’ to a trusting public. But a surprisingly strong report just released by the prestigious OECD may cause the public to regard these wealthy snakeoil salesmen more skeptically in the future. 806 more words



Tre välputsade pissoarer, signerade Robert Gober, gick för 3,52 miljoner dollar vid rekordauktionen på Christie’s nyligen. Totalt inbringade tillställningen 852,9 miljoner dollar, drygt 6 miljarder kronor. 239 more words


Platform-ish - Part V - Job Creation

Job creation is a topic that covers a vast amount of information, and at the end of the day, we blame whatever government official is on top, be it President or Governor.   983 more words

Occupy Wall Street: The Lasting Effects

It’s been about three years since the Occupy Wall Street movement made its debut in  Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Wall Street financial district. 605 more words

The State of America

“If the government falls prey to the temptation of printing a great deal of new money, not only will prices go up, but the “quality” of the money will become suspect in that society, and the lack of redeem-ability in gold may lead the market to accelerated discounting of that money in terms of gold. 1,302 more words


Im-Politic: Portrait of the President as a "Boardroom Liberal"

Noam Scheiber’s new profile in The New Republic of top White House aide Valerie Jarrett is predictably attracting lots of attention – mainly for its detailed reporting on her unparalleled influence with President Obama and on all the bureaucratic and political machinations she’s engaged in to retain this clout. 497 more words