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70% of Time Could Be Used Better

It is easy to waste or misuse time– we do it all the time. The problem is that when we waste or misuse time we are decreasing are ability to be more productive. 58 more words


How to Close a Large Number of the Same Process In Windows

Sometimes during development or working with tempermental software you will find a lot of orphaned processes in the task manager. There is an easier way to get these closed than doing it one by one. 28 more words

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Dad's Gaming Addiction Kills Another Baby

This is the second incident from Korea
‘South Korean police have arrested a 22-year-old unemployed man in the North Gyeongsang Province for allegedly leaving his 28-month son at home to starve to death while he played online computer games at an internet café for several days. 357 more words


The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

Bridge made with their own bodies
They have only a few simple rules for building complex structures
‘…The researchers discovered three main rules: The ants picked up grains at a constant rate, approximately 2 grains per minute; they preferred to drop them near other grains, forming a pillar; and they tended to choose grains previously handled by other ants, probably because of marking by a chemical… 384 more words


Q&A Hair & Extensions | Tricks & Tips

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Find out about Charlotte’s hair tips and about Megan’s HALO extension

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Q&A Hair
Any Toothbrush… 9 more words


LinkedIn Secrets

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional networking. The problem is that there are many features and techniques that are not actively publicized by LinkedIn. This means that many people are not able to take full advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer. 45 more words


Stains and Mexican drug cartels!

Stains are part of our lives. No matter how hard we try, it is inevitable! Instead of getting frustrated with the mess, why don’t we try to accept it and just deal with it. 556 more words

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