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Is your back pain really coming from your back?

Okay, so the title of this web article may be a bit misleading because most back pain DOES originate from the back. However, not all cases of back pain are as simple as “It hurts here, so that’s where the problem is”. 409 more words


What Triggers Your Points?

What is a trigger point and how can it be treated? There are many different ways of treating this.

More info here:-


Cyber Monday Fitness Deals

Great deals from awesome companies the fitness/triathlon world!  (Exception – Bucketfeet, and they just make amazing shoes that you aren’t always trying to get away in!)


Racing in 2015 for Team Trigger Point

Not too long ago I saw that Trigger Point Performance Therapy was starting an endurance team to represent their brand of performance products.  As someone who uses self myofascial release tools on a daily basis I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to represent a brand I truly believe in.   185 more words


A Massage Therapist's Guide to Grip Strength

I’ve read quite a few articles lately about how to strengthen your grip for Gi Jiu Jitsu. We all know about Gi pull ups and the various tools and gadgets that are designed to increase the strength of your hands and arms. 528 more words


STK vs Adductors

Welcome to the STK!  One of the three new myofascial release tools that have been added to our product line.  What is so great about the STK is that for those who might have a difficult time getting down to the floor for rolling, you now can get great releases using the STK.   6 more words


Wednesday's Weekly Challenge: Building on Past Performance

Last week, I posted my weekly challenge. Yes, I know, Wednesday’s are a strange day for this but Wednesdays happen to be my only day off so in a sense, they are like my Sunday. 487 more words