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Holding your head high

Muscle of the Month: Suboccipitals

There are eight tiny muscles that have the huge job of keeping your head up, but they can cause a huge headache too! 367 more words


Foam rolling

If you don’t know what a foam roller is, it has so many benefits in terms of solution to lower back pain, relieving muscle pains, prevention of injuries and so much more. 177 more words

Every Step You Take

Your feet are there for you with every step you take.  It’s important to keep them healthy and happy!  Whenever something is wrong with your body, experts usually start from the ground up.  477 more words

Fitness Workouts & Exercises

Prodding not rolling

Firstly I am not totally convinced that rolling over specific areas in a bid to catch trigger points works. This is common practice in a lot of the devices on the market at present. 181 more words

Trigger Point

6-22-2014 WiR

We have a busy WiR for you this week. At the Tour de Suisse we once again saw race footage via action cams mounted to the leadout bikes. 708 more words

By Mike

Treating Trigger Points

My last blog looked at what trigger points are why they occur. It is important for everyone to know what trigger points are as they can lead to injury and impede performance especially in athletes. 450 more words

Trigger Point

Running Recovery: Ice Cupping | the gluten-free treadmill

It’s like a foam roller and an ice bag had a baby. Today I will share with you how to use ice cups to massage sore tight muscles.

50 more words
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