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Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention

Continuing on the subject of heart attack prevention

Reduce blood cholesterol

Fat lodged in your arteries is a disaster waiting to happen. Sooner or later it could trigger a heart attack or stroke. 332 more words



Structure of lipids

The next lecture will deal with a class of biological molecules that goes under the broad definition of lipids. What are lipids? 325 more words


Guest Blogger: The UnWorthey Dad

*I hope you enjoy this great guest blogger! When I heard about his story, I knew I had to reach out to him!


Tale of Two Family Photos… 624 more words

Why is eating high fructose corn syrup unhealthy?

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is made from cornstarch. Further processing converts cornstarch into corn syrup. Because corn syrup is almost 100% glucose, enzymes are added to convert some of the glucose molecules to fructose. 620 more words

What is Lipid and Lipid Profile?

There are multiple forms of cholesterol circulating in the blood. The various forms of cholesterol and other fats in the blood are together called lipids. Doctors measure and diagnose high cholesterol with a simple blood test, often called a lipid profile. 569 more words

Chronic Disease Prevention

High-Triglycerides Level: DANGER

Triglyceride is a natural fat found in our body formed from glycerol and three fatty acid groups.  Our body utilizes them for energy creation. A limited and controlled amount of triglyceride in your body is good but if it goes high in level, then it will create several maladies. 298 more words

Conditions And Diseases

The Trouble with Triglycerides

By Gina Shaw

WebMD Feature

Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD

WebMD Archive

You’ve probably heard of triglycerides, and you’ve probably also heard that consistently high blood levels of triglycerides can be  a bad thing. 891 more words