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Raw Vegan vs. Vegan: Which Diet is Best for Optimal for Health?

In a previous article I wrote about how vegans have been shown to have decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality. In addition, in 3 separate articles I’ve written about how cooking food at high temperature (above boiling, 212ºF), whether it is roasting, baking, frying or grilling produces molecules that have been shown to shorten lifespan (AGE products), and, that cause cancer in rodents (both acrylamide and furan). 1,130 more words


Lowering cholesterol level & heart complexity with Simvastatin

Patient with major illness caused due to bad cholesterol can raise the chances to abort it by starting a treatment called as Simvastatin. It deducts a type of fats called as triglycerides contained in blood. 185 more words

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The Real Story On Niacin: Niacin associated with significant reductions in cardiovascular disease and mortality

You may have heard some recent reports on Niacin (one of the B-vitamins) that seemed to suggest it wasn’t of benefit for cardiovascular disease. Actually, the recent studies fueling these reports only looked at certain special forms of niacin taken together with a statin drug. 291 more words

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Raised Cholesterol

Raised Lipids (Cholesterol)

Cholesterol blood tests are done to help assess your risk of developing heart disease or stroke. If your risk is high then you will usually be advised to take a statin medicine to lower your cholesterol level. 86 more words

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Data on Type ii insulin dependent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the top most popular chronic diseases. Inspite of the progress of medical science no remedy for this disease has been discovered up to now. 549 more words

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New Evidence Fuels Concerns About The Safety Of Niacin

The string of failures– for HDL therapies in general and for niacin in particular– continues unabated.  The publication of the main results of the HPS2-THRIVE trial, along with new information from the AIM-HIGH trial, provide no evidence of a beneficial effect for niacin but do fuel concerns that it may cause serious adverse effects. 11 more words

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Diabetic diets to lose weight data

Following diabetic diets to lose weight can assist you control the disease. With almost countless people both old and young battling diabetes, the non curable ailment, it has become crucial that you follow diabetic diets to lose weight and remain healthful. 511 more words

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