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Can I get Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is often diagnosed by a blood sample in order to verify the correct amounts of enzymes are being produced. Pancreatic lipase is endogenously produced and secreted into the small intestine from the pancreas, where its primary function is to assist in fat digestion. 634 more words


Why You Should Be Eating Way More Tuna

Tuna doesn’t get enough attention from us. It’s here,┬ábut it’s disliked┬áby far too many people. No one takes the time to realize how amazing it is and how much we can benefit from it. 626 more words


Know Your Numbers 2014

As I mentioned on my post last year, my company have a annual campaign, when they bring healthcare people on-site between September and November to screen the employees for potential health issues. 225 more words

My Experience

Use the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load as natural ways to improve your health.

Obesity is a significant problem in our society. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss is incredibly difficult for most people. A major cause of weight gain in many people is elevated insulin levels. 638 more words


And so it begins...

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my quest for greater physical health. After finally biting the bullet and getting that cholesterol test I’ve been putting off/couldn’t get during pregnancy and immediately postpartum, I went to the doctor dreading the inevitable. 304 more words


Numbers don't lie...

Did you ever try to tell someone something that you know to be true but they won’t listen?

It happens to Michael and I all the time. 251 more words

Our Path

Are you carbohydrate intolerant?

Many people know they are intolerant to lactose. They will get sick if they consume milk products. Others are intolerant to gluten. They will get sick if they consume wheat products. 297 more words