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fast and dirty---t-squares, boomerangs & kites, oh my!

In anticipation for the upcoming grand-Fire-trine/Kite formation this October, I want to post a fast and dirty about astrology’s ‘outs’.


Well, what I mean is, sometimes the planets line up in a manner that gets a little bit tricky, little bit stressful, little bit scary, yeah? 415 more words


Create new levels with the Trine and Trine 2 level editor

Developers at Frozenbyte have #released public beta versions of the level editors for both its magical #puzzleplatformers. Allowed players to create #newlevels, edit existing ones, and put together their own multi-level campaigns. 265 more words

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Jupiter Trine Uranus; Innovate your being

Jupiter is Trine Uranus! When two planets are in such an exact Trine they accentuate and embellish each other to the extreme. People often ask me if a Trine has a… 987 more words


Inspiring radical growth - Jupiter Trine Uranus

It has been said before that my astro posts seem to focus on the doom and gloom, the difficulties and challenges. And there’s some truth in that, I sort of figure that we’ll just flow with the good times, take the best of those energies without even having to know that that is what is going on. 328 more words


Jupiter Trine Uranus

A harmonious trine from Jupiter to Uranus is building that will culminate on September 25th.  For a week or two we will be inspired by Jupiter’s confidence and expansion to take a risk in bringing something new (Uranus) into our life in some way.   154 more words

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Crystals & Stones - What You Won't Find in the Books!

Creating Next Level Intimacy, Knowledge & Relationship

  • Explore Subtle Energy Rhythms of Your Favorite Stones & Crystals
  • Expanding your Healer’s Toolkit with every day resources made easy!
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Defense Paves Way As Trine Tops Rockford

ROCKFORD, ILL.– A shutdown effort by the Trine defense led the Thunder to a 27-7 victory over Rockford in non-conference action Saturday afternoon at Sam Greeley Field. 521 more words