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Caleb Miller's response to Ryan Rufus's video

Trinitarian Theology

Ryan Rufus posted a video in which he spoke on inclusion, trinitatarianism, and universalism. He lumped them all together as one belief. 86 more words

Distorted Theology

I was reading this from an introduction to Trinitarian Theology:

“Although it is experienced only through faith, all humans are justified, reconciled and saved precisely because they are all included in Jesus—included in his Incarnation, life, death, resurrection and ascension. 663 more words

Biblical Commentary

Exegetical Notes on Mt. 28.16-20

Mt. 28.16-20

        16 The eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the hill which Jesus designated to them.[1] 17 On seeing him they worshiped, but some doubted. 583 more words


'The deepest questions which face Christianity cannot be answered in purely biblical language, because the questions are about the meaning of biblical language itself'

R.P.C. Hanson:

The subjects under discussion between 318 and 381 were not, as has sometimes been alleged, those raised by Greek theology or philosophy and such as could only have been raised by people thinking in Greek terms. 320 more words

Trinitarian Theology

#FeminismandFaith: Trinity Sunday and Feminist Postures

With #yesallwomen, slutshaming, rape culture, and the misogyny associated with the latest killing rampage at UCSB, and then the insidious existence of perpetual glass ceilings, and language in the church that continues to image God in incomplete ways, it’s encouraging and inspiring to be in two reading groups that are engaging feminist and womanist voices. 811 more words