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The Trinity in Freewill Relationship

~R.OliverLuce | 09-01-14

The Father, is the initiator of the Godhead, creates, gives birth, and thereby selects all those who are the inheritors of the Kingdom of God! 564 more words

Real Christianity

Fleur De Lis

I’ve lived in St. Louis for all but two years of my life, and somehow I never knew this was the official flag of our city.  339 more words


Parakletos Ponderings: Presence and Blessing

As the church, perhaps specifically the western church, we seem to be semi-okay with understanding God as Trinity. We have a pretty solid understanding of the person of God as Father and the person of God as Son, but when it comes to the person of God as Holy Spirit (Wait, he’s a person?) we seem a bit more confused. 858 more words


MusicStation is the new Trinity Exam Rep for West Kent

MusicStation is pleased to announce that we are the new reps for Trinity College music exams in the West Kent area (both Rock & Pop and Classical). 28 more words


We were created for community

Community at its best involves direct and immediate relationships: eye to eye, face to face, heart-to-heart. It is more than a group of people living in the same geographical area. 601 more words

Be Someone's Imaginary Friend: Psalm 71:16

When you speak to a child with an imaginary friend you always seem to mustar every bit of compassion you have in you, while using a somewhat of a condescending voice. 714 more words


trinity, thou art a wholly lovely way to eat

we are convinced the brits could be the champions of olympic shopping if ever there was such an incredulous thing. the stamina and endurance needed to keep apace leaves us breathless, but not those hardy british folk, oh no. 468 more words