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A one-day Paris itinerary, or, "What I did on my Paris vacation"

I’m surprised by the number of search hits I get from visitors using suspiciously long search terms like: “What I saw in Paris vacation” or “Paris vacation homework.” As a former overachiever, the thought of someone using my blog to do their homework for them bothers me. 1,489 more words


Friday’s Seven: 7 Trips You Can Still Book for the Upcoming Eid

Eid Al Adha or “Big Eid” as some like to call it is coming up in around a month. If you haven’t made plans yet here are some cool ideas that you can still go for: 424 more words


A Guide to Egypt's Exotic Destinations

“Egypt’s Hidden Gems”,  “Egypt Undiscovered” , “Places You Won’t Believe Are in Egypt”. These are just a few examples of some articles and posts I have been happily noticing and following recently. 828 more words


Ten Tricks for the Family Trip

Ten Tricks for the Family Trip

Welcome to high summer. Before we had kids, this season meant one thing to my husband and I. Road trips. 872 more words

Twins: Our First Year

The Rumeli Castle

Called the Rumelihisari in Turkish, the Rumeli Castle, or Fortress, dominates a fair amount of the Bosphorus coast in Sariyer. Rumeli was build between 1451 and 1452 by Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror (the movie Fetih 1453 has a brief scene about the controversy of building Rumeli). 385 more words

Gros Morne

There were no moose living in Newfoundland prior to 1904. That is when the British introduced four moose to the island in an effort to promote better eating habits among the islanders. 402 more words

2014 Summer Trip: The Viking Within