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Greece for First Timers

Randomly pick out 10 travel bucket lists from people around you and chances are you will find Greece in almost all of them. A country with a mix of Mediterranean and European vibes,  world famous for its historic sites on one end and one of kind islands and beaches on the other, no one says no to Greece!  997 more words


Babymoon Ideas :: Austin, Texas

Having grown up in Seattle, then lived in Southern California, this girl is used to road trips. Both Seattle and Cali had such amazing places to venture to within 3 hours, I was spoiled. 638 more words

Hidden Gems: AA, BA Miles Hopping Between North America and Asia


I love looking at different award charts, and contemplating different trips with the different miles I have. Here is the first in a series of posts in which I will detail some of the trip ideas that I have come up with using the best combination of redemptions from different programs that will maximize the value of your miles. 1,044 more words

5 destinations to go back... in one word

I love water. All kinds. Sea, ocean, lake, river or pool, looking at water gives me energy. The still surface makes me feel calm, the running course makes me feel dynamic. 827 more words


A one-day Paris itinerary, or, "What I did on my Paris vacation"

I’m surprised by the number of search hits I get from visitors using suspiciously long search terms like: “What I saw in Paris vacation” or “Paris vacation homework.” As a former overachiever, the thought of someone using my blog to do their homework for them bothers me. 1,489 more words


Friday’s Seven: 7 Trips You Can Still Book for the Upcoming Eid

Eid Al Adha or “Big Eid” as some like to call it is coming up in around a month. If you haven’t made plans yet here are some cool ideas that you can still go for: 424 more words