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The beauty of London from the River Thames

This weekend I was invited to a party on a boat named the ‘Golden Flame’. We travelled from Temple up to the Thames barrier and back, here’s how it went. 373 more words


I'm Back

Just spent an amazingly relaxing few days in the forest with my wife and dog. Have you ever been to a place and found it so peaceful and beautiful that you never want to leave? 68 more words


Summer Road Trip 2014: Napa

Man, it really is a bummer that summer is over for a lot of us! Although it doesn’t feel like that here in Los Angeles. For the next couple of days, we are going to experience temperature up and over 100˚F.   555 more words



I should probably be sleeping because I have to get up at 630 tomorrow to catch my bus but, alas, I can’t sleep.

I just wanted to put this image up because I love maps and I want one on my blog. 255 more words


The Pressure Before a Trip

Any trip can put pressure on your life.  You want to make sure you pack everything you need, that all accommodations are taken care of, that you get all the work you need done before the trip, and, in some cases, make sure you see friends/family before you leave.  811 more words

A Person Who Travels...

There is a difference between a person who travels… and a tourist.

A person who travels… knows every single moment of the journey has value; the moment they arrive at an airport or put gas in the car, their adventure begins. 1,032 more words