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Is she alive?

Wow…Long time no see. For those who care, I’m well, alive and enjoying my time here in Canada, whishing that I had more time left than 20 weeks. 665 more words


Paris is waiting for me!

I’m going to Paris, finally! The last time was in December so it became time again ;) At first I had nothing planned, but then I thought…I’m free for 4 days, why am I not going to Paris? 183 more words



Hello again!
I am officially back from my trip!

I got back on last night, which actually turned out to be Tuesday morning in San Francisco so I missed a day – Hence why I woke up at midday on Wednesday! 549 more words

American Road Trip

Photos from an American Road Trip.

Starting In Las Vegas then 1100 miles around the Grand Canyon bringing in Monument Valley and round to the north of the Grand Canyon to Zion National Park. 30 more words


Adventures in Jamaica, mon!

Ask me where I went for Spring Break this year. Go on! Just ask! Well, I went to Jamaica! The first thing almost everyone would say was, “That must’ve been so much fun!”, with an undertone of wryness as if to imply that partying in Jamaica must’ve been amazing.   538 more words

[Trip] Switzerland - Maison Cailler

I got told that one of the best chocolates in the world is Switzerland. I tried it a Swiss chocolate before, which is so different to other chocolates I had before. 428 more words