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Home for the Holidays.

      I consider Holidays to be a bittersweet time of the year. This Sunday is Easter therefore that means I will be traveling home in order to spend the weekend with my family. 1,354 more words


When you are planning a trip to a salon to treat you and your skin to some sort of relaxing treatment, you may be surprised by the number of options that are offered by each salon. 145 more words


Spring Trip 2014 - Day 12 - English Version

Today was the whimsical day, the day I woke up without an alarm clock, the day I wore my favourite dress for no reason, the day I wondered around and the day I bought that CD I wanted since I was fifteen. 279 more words


Spring Trip 2014 - Day 12

Σήμερα ήταν η ανούσια μέρα, η μέρα που ξύπνησα χωρίς ξυπνητήρι, που έβαλα το αγαπημένο μου φόρεμα χωρίς λόγο, που έκανα μια βόλτα χωρίς κανένα λόγο και που αγόρασα το CD που ήθελα να αγοράσω από τότε που ήμουν δεκαπέντε. 7 more words


Keď platíte za čas, nie za kávu...

…úprimne. Keď si v kaviarni dáte kávu a minerálku, ako dlho ju pijete? Koľko času strávite vo svojej obľúbenej kaviarni? 15 minút? 30? Hodinu či dve? 1,312 more words


The Old, The New, The Timeless

Hey y’all! Apologies for the month-long disappearance.

This 7-weeks long worth of holidays is probably the last long break I will get prior to completing my academic life in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and as I come to a close, I daresay I have utilised my time fully to do what I have always wanted to but couldn’t during school period, either due to time or effort constraints. 537 more words

Been busy..

Ignoring people. I like my solitude. Sometimes i thrive on it. That’s not to say that i don’t like being around people. But people i choose to be around. 672 more words

A Head Trip