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Magical Europe: A Timelapse

Two cameras and an insatiable urge to travel, that’s all what it took for the American Stan Chang to make a very complete trip through Europe. 304 more words


100 Days to Paris - Day 4

So yesterday I made my first trip back to the gym. I won’t publicly disclose how long it’s been since I last went, but let’s just say the last time I went to the gym I needed a parka.  175 more words


旅 行 的 意 義

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This is the second part of the Munich/Oktoberfest story.

To recapitulate: we arrived to Munich, we met some friends, we got drunk, we got captured and sent to jail, we walked back to the hotel and Juanca Bell is disappeared. 964 more words

Life Experience

Beautiful trips are also hard...

Well, the trip is gone and I´m suddenly back to my usual activities at my work. I can´t believe this is over, we had amazing days with my mother and I´m happy that she´s been really happy. 180 more words

God's Not Dead Movie Trip

Hey all, we’re gonna go see this movie on Saturday, April 26 at 6:30PM at the Rainbow Cinemas & Magic Lantern Theatres, 10909 Younge Street, Richmond Hill. 9 more words

Awake Too Early and Writing

Emotionally, my yesterday was rough. Today, I don’t feel much different. My heart aches missing him. So much so that I spent $35 to get my nails done so I felt prettier and therefore better about myself. 202 more words