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Video: @StuMadoff "Yaakov Christ" #StuMadoff | @BorgataMOB

New video by Triple aka Stu Madoff called:”Yaakov Christ.” The NY based rapper, and nephew of Bernie Madoff, displays his own unique Jewish look and wordplay has been working hard on all new material since being featured by Complex Magazine, PigeonsAndPlanes, 662online.com, UpRoxx, NYMag and others this past year. 23 more words


made in MyKitchen | kerabu perut / tripe salad

offal, or more commonly known as ‘spare parts’ locally, is a required taste.. not everyone likes it.. i do, and hubs learned to like it from me.. 427 more words

Made In MyKitchen

Five Foods You Should Feed Your Dog

Do you feed your dog raw food?  Kibble?  Cooked or dehydrated food?  A mixture of more than one?  Regardless of what you feed, it’s always a good idea to take a step back every now and again and decide whether your dog could use a little nutrition boost.   755 more words


Tripe Thin Noodles, 大腸麵線

Ok, this is for the courageous ones. It’s yummy!! Thin noodles thickened with corn starch, mixed with various spices and sauces, topped with pieces of tripe, and cilantro. 20 more words


Dim Sum and My First Tripe

Tripe has always scared me. It sounds like something from a horror movie or a dark fairytale. Since entering my twenties, though, I’ve become a much more intrepid diner. 259 more words



Fourteen bloggers liked my bowels yesterday.

Here’s a better look ——->

It surprises me the strange things that bloggers like.

That’s a lot of tripe. 368 more words