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When I went to Florence, I ate these amaaaaazing sandwiches filled with tripe and topped with herbs and olive oil, called Lampredotto. It was such a smart way of eating tripe, and so yummy! 1,246 more words


Core Dr Harveys Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Complete Diet

Whether you’re seasoned specialist or only starting out, oracle Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator Exam certifications may prove to be very useful if you would like to work with technical environment Oracle Solaris. 296 more words

A stick-in-the-mud will try nothing new?

Toronto changed from Côte d’Azur to subtropical rainforest sometime around Canada Day this summer. One minute a fresh T-shirt stuck to your back because of heavy perspiration, the next minute it became drenched because of a subtropical rainstorm. 284 more words

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An אור אין סוף of Tripe.

I’m sleeping. My body is a rolling landscape, under cloud sheets of honeycomb tripe.

Cold and clammy, tripe-lightning flashes onto my skin, making me itch. I scratch the front of my foot, and my movement causes tripe cloud-sheets to fold. 41 more words


Golden Dragon Palace, Doncaster

Dishes consumed and converted into a Food Baby in October 2014.


“Yum-cha is one of my favourite meals where people push trolleys with food around the restaurant and you get to pick and choose. 323 more words