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Becoming a Mercedes Benz enthusiast – the unconventional way

Becoming a Mercedes Benz enthusiast – the unconventional way 

Photo: Yes, that would be me with dad’s baby blue Benz

How does one turn into a Mercedes Benz enthusiast? 849 more words


Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics regarding the City of Bellingham Budget, 2014 edition...

The City of Bellingham adopted its budget this week, and Riley Sweeney put out a blog and pie chart (http://sweeneypolitics.com/2014/12/10/a-simple-walkthrough-of-the-city-of-bellingham-budget/) showing where revenues come from and expenditures go. 732 more words


Community Relations and the Triple Bottom Line Model

By Sarah Turner

In the business world today it is more important than ever for businesses to connect with their surrounding communities. Expectations are held high for organizations and if they fall short, the simple truth is the business won’t make it. 139 more words

From a quality of life, a value proposition

The dream is to wake up before the sunrise, pray, and recite scripture. Put on some Turkish coffee and walk across the land. Take notes on the new day’s bifurcations of this master-designed biological system. 28 more words


Transparency Report: November 2014

The wine trade today is much more transparent than it was before the Internet. However, there still remains a lot of mystery behind the curtains of firms, producers, and wines themselves. 326 more words

First Growth Invest

Sage advice on food: Imam Abu Hanifa

The great Imam Abu Hanifa was an 8th century theologian whose school’s rulings are followed by much of the world until today. In his city of Kufa, several thieves had stolen a large number of sheep.  152 more words


Land-food-people triune

As I meditate on the underlying concept of Tayib Farms—one expression of a sustainable small-scale farm—I return to three major themes. I perceive them as a triangle. 281 more words