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The Cosmopolitan

Proposed by: David

Reviewed by: Jonathan

So many claims and counterclaims litter the relatively short history of the Cosmopolitan (or “Cosmo” if you’re a frequent user) that it’s hardly worth offering a history. 793 more words


Cosmopolitan Martini

Remember when cosmos were the height of sophistication and cool?  Carrie Bradshaw and her signature drink may have passed out of the limelight, but cosmos are still a damn delicious cocktail!   57 more words


Thirsty Thursday | Autumn Gin Sour

Well, the leaves have changed, the air is crisp…and all of the usual stuff everyone says about fall. However, I have never had someone serve me this awesome autumn cocktail. 137 more words


classic cocktails: sidecar

Week two of my classic cocktail experimenting (which Hubby has now cleverly dubbed Legends of the Fall) went significantly better. This week I continued with another whiskey based cocktail to get some more use out of the bottle of Crown Royal I bought last week. 176 more words

Thirsty Thursday


A recent addition to my drinks collection was a bottle of 7 year old Havana Club; this is a wonderfully dark, rich rum, good for sipping as well as mixing, so I wanted to find a complex cocktail recipe that could match the level of flavour in this drink. 247 more words


Cocktails: Mango Margarita with Mango-Infused Tequila

After a pleasant surprise victory with Mango-Infused Tequila  I went to town mixing up some cocktails but decided on a classic margarita as the best way to feature this thick, fruity, sweet concoction. 119 more words


Curaçao Liqueurs

Anything called Curaçao liqueur should be made of the zest or peel of Citrus aurantium currassuviencis, the Curaçao orange — an especially bitter variety of  246 more words